How Healthy are YOU?

Take Rosie’s Interactive Health Assessment and find out!

Why I’m Committed To You

I long for you what you long for yourself. To feel free, confident, and on track. I can show you how to recognize obstacles and maneuver around them. Together we can determine the most important goals and have a plan to achieve them. I can show you the baby steps that will lead you to a life that is better, brighter, and filled with greater vitality.
Since I know from personal experience the agony of being exhausted, sick, and hooked on the wrong kinds of food, I feel a great desire to help others break free as I finally did. Perhaps having someone who is a bit further down the path, lighting the way, holding your hand, and encouraging you every step is what it takes.
Every time you choose to nourish and feed your body, mind, and spirit instead of other less wholesome decisions, your life gets a little bit better. Imagine the impact on your health, how you feel, and how you look, by making a string of these pro-health choices. This process contains the seeds of personal transformation.
Working with a Health Coach is a partnership. Please let me know if you are up to this collaborative approach. Could this be your time to break free?

Five Pillars of
The Health Matters System

Staying healthy isn’t the result of just one thing.
It’s the combination of practices that creates optimum health. It’s the lifestyle.

Love Yourself First

Your health and wellness journey begins with learning to love and appreciate your body. Love your body and get your body to love you back.

Eat Nutritious Food

Get relief from craving food that makes you feel crummy. Fall in love with food that is good for you and that helps you look and feel great.

Unwind From Stress

Clear the chaos, overwhelm, and the perception of not having enough time. Enjoy increased relaxation, peace, and harmony in your body and in your life.

Heal Your

Learn to heal your gut with a variety of pro-health practices. Get relief from gut-related issues to lose weight and increase energy.

Move Your

Overcome obstacles to moving your body. Stretch and strengthen your body to bring your energy up and your weight down.

Health Coaching

Get your life and your health aligned. Enjoy more peace, harmony, and confidence. Get support to help you move steadily towards your goals.


Health Matters is your guide to emotional health and reliable and sustainable weight loss.
Learn about nutritional and weight management products that help you feel and look great.


Rosie’s presentations are for busy parents, busy professionals, and retirees. The topics inspire listeners to create more vitality and have more confidence regarding their health.

What Clients and Students Say about Working with Rosie

“Rosie’s enthusiasm shines when she speaks about health and wellness. Her knowledge is vast and whilst being incredibly intuitive she matches that with sensitivity. One of my favorite qualities about Rosie is that she listens, very carefully, and gives sound and practical advice that allows one to make change more easily. I am enjoying many benefits by following Rosie’s recommendations. Thank you Rosie for all your awesome work!” Stephania Humphrey, Osteopath

“I was overweight, unhealthy and had tried several different diets that worked in the short term but would always go back to my old ways. I have been working with Rosie for several months now and she has taught me that the work will never end and that there is no quick fix or fad diet that will help me. She has helped me learn to overcome the tendencies that led me to becoming overweight and unhealthy and is helping me create a path with the right tools to continue to stay healthy forever.

Rosie knows her stuff. She will take the time to get to know you and customize the coaching to your unique situation. She will challenge you to keep you working towards your goal and will make your own goals her goals. I feel that I have a partner on this journey.” John Gump, Commercial Realtor

“My session with Rosie Bank started out with what I believe would be a challenge for her, in that I am already very healthy and well nourished. My test for her was if she could figure out the area where I was most in need of support. Sure enough, she identified that I was a sleep-deprived insomniac with a lot to worry about. From there, she had great recommendations and gave me direction that I needed. I feel well supported by Rosie. I’m impressed with the breadth of her knowledge and the depth of her insight. I’d gladly refer more clients to her moving forward.” Aaron Parnell, Founder Reposturing and the Vitality Center

“I’m glad I decided to work with Rosie as my Health Coach. She helped me think about what is most important and to set realistic goals. We talked about things I don’t normally talk about and this helped me stay in check. I got lots of new ideas that I can work on like being more mindful around food and to recognize when I make excuses. This process helped me in many ways.” Francis Wright, Nurse and Client