Do ​You ​Think ​It's ​Possible ​To ​Look & ​Feel ​Better ​In ​Your 40's, 50's & 60's ​Than ​You ​Did ​In ​Your 30's?

Rosie Bank Health Matters Coaching

I am Rosie Bank and I help busy, stressed out professionals & retirees improve their health and reclaim their vitality. ​

Imagine if you could love how you look & feel. Imagine having a dependable body you can count on. What would that do for you?

Allow me a few minutes to get you started on your personal pathway to getting your body to take you where you want to go.

The Five Pillars of
The Health Matters System

Getting on track and staying on track aren't the result of just one thing. It's the combination of your practices that improve and optimize your health. It's your lifestyle.

When you notice lasting and dramatic change ​in how you look and feel it will be because you intervened on your own behalf in a few key areas in your life:

Pillar #1:
Love Yourself First

Love Yourself First by Rosie Bank

Your health and wellness journey begins with learning to love and appreciate your body. Love your body and get your body to love you back.

Pillar #2:
Eat Nutritious Food

Eat Nutritious Food by Rosie Bank

Get relief from craving food that makes you feel crummy. Fall in love with food that is good for you and that helps you look and feel great.

Pillar #3:
Unwind From Stress

Unwind from Stress by Rosie Bank

Clear the chaos, stress, and perception of not having enough time. Enjoy increased relaxation, peace, and harmony in your body and in your life.

Pillar #4:
Heal Your Gut

Heal Your Gut by Rosie Bank

Learn to heal your gut with a variety of pro-health practices. Get relief from gut-related issues to lose weight and increase energy.

Pillar #5:
Move Your Body

Move Your Body by Rosie Bank

Overcome obstacles to moving your body. Stretch and strengthen your body to bring your energy up and your weight down.

Being in the wellness field, helping people live more successfully in their bodies since the mid-1970's, has been a journey of a lifetime. 

If you are curious where I've been for the last several decades, and what I've learned along the way to help others improve their health, you can read more at My Story. 

Why I'm Committed to You

Since I know from personal experience the agony of being exhausted, sick, and hooked on the wrong kinds of food, I feel a great desire to help others break free as I finally did. Perhaps having someone who is a bit further down the path, lighting the way, holding your hand, and encouraging you every step is what it takes.

I long for you what you long for yourself. To feel free, confident, and on track. I can show you how to recognize obstacles and maneuver around them. Together we can determine your most urgent goals and have a plan to achieve them. I can show you the baby steps that will lead you to a life that is healthier, happier, and filled with greater vitality.

Every time you choose to nourish and feed your body, mind, and spirit instead of other less wholesome decisions, your life gets a little bit better. Imagine the impact on your health, how you feel, and how you look, by making a string of these pro-health choices. This process contains the seeds of personal transformation.

Working with a Health Coach is a partnership. Please let me know if you are up to this collaborative approach. Could this be your time to break free?

Get Healthier Resources

Love The Way You Look And Feel After 50

Being in my 60's and having more energy now than when I was in my 20's inspired me to write this book. Learning how to nourish your body with radiant good food, to stop doing things that put your body at risk, and to quit being addicted to stress is simply transformational. If this sounds like what you are looking for, this book is for you.

How Healthy Are You?

Take the Interactive Health Assessment and Find Out!

This interactive assessment will help you see where you need to focus to improve your health. It is deliberately comprehensive to help you view your life and your health through a wide lens. How Healthy Are You shows you where you need to make some changes, and I make a variety of practical suggestions. 

Popular Resources Our Clients Rave About

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Forget deprivation dieting. Learn to nourish your body with weight loss as a side-benefit. This is an approach with which you can live and thrive indefinitely.
Dr. Debra Shapiro on Veganism – Podcast 25
Join Dr. Debra and Rosie as they explore how to integrate an all-plant-based diet to get amazing results with your health.
It’s Not About What You Call Yourself
How you label yourself is not as important as your true, daily practices. Learn to make choices that impact your health without getting hung up on what you call yourself.
How Not to Eat Your Emotions
Allow your emotions to guide you. Even the so-called unpleasant ones can show you what you need to thrive.
How to Travel and Not Gain Weight
If you love to travel and you don't want to gain weight, learn some handy tips on this blog. Eat merry, have fun, and still fit in your pants when you return home.
Body Love
Become your body's best friend. What do you whisper in your own ear? Self-talk and self-care can transform your health and your life.

What Question Do You Have For Rosie?

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What People Say About Working With Rosie


As a naturopathic doctor I am generally skeptical of so-called nutritional information and those purveying it. Rosie Bank is different. Her information is well researched, scientifically-based, and she eliminates the insanity surrounding the nutrition industry and presents accessible and clear information. Rosie makes the complicated world of nutrition easy to understand. Rosie is genuine and approachable, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my patients to her.

Dr. Jennifer Potter Naturopathic doctor


Rosie Bank is a health expert. She is also a world class health coach! If you are fortunate enough to work with her one on one and you follow her suggestions you WILL improve your health and feel better. The lessons I learned in working with Rosie continue to impact my health and my life.

Eric Lofholm Master Sales Trainer


“I’m glad I decided to work with Rosie Bank as my Health Coach. She helped me think about what is most important and to set realistic goals. We talked about things I don’t normally talk about and this helped me stay in check. I got lots of new ideas that I can work on like being more mindful around food and to recognize when I make excuses. This process helped me in many ways.”

Francis Wright Nurse


Working with Rosie Bank was the missing key to help me lose the extra weight I had been carrying around for years. Rosie helped me peel back all the layers and discover things about myself I never imagined. I feel very empowered, more confident and able to make decisions that benefit all aspects of my life and my health.

Isabel Hanohano

Do You Want To Love How You Look and Feel?
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