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Helping busy professionals and busy parents to release
unwanted weight and stress, to have more energy and
to achieve balance in their lives.

Dr. Jennifer Potter

As a naturopathic doctor I am generally skeptical of so-called nutritional information and those purveying it. Rosie is different: her information is well researched, scientifically-based, and she eliminates the insanity surrounding the nutrition industry and presents accessible and clear information. Rosie makes the complicated world of nutrition easy to understand. Rosie is genuine and approachable, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my patients to her.

Dr. Jennifer Potter

As a Board Certified Integrated
Nutrition Health Coach and Author,
Rosie leads her clients to:

  • Develop Healthier Habits and Lifestyle
  • Increase Energy
  • Reduce Stress
  • Sleep Better
  • Lose and Manage Weight
  • Get Noticeable Results

Health Matters
by Rosie Bank


Your body will love you back for giving yourself
this guide to lasting transformation.

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Rosie is a compassionate and experienced health coach who helps her clients achieve balance in their bodies and in their lives. As an author and facilitator, Rosie supports her clients through:

  • Health Matters Podcast
  • Private 1:1 Health Coaching
  • Roadmap to Vibrant Health Webinar Series
  • Health Matters Master Online Class

jojo"The Skype meeting that we had yesterday was amazing. After getting off the call I felt enlightened. I loved your approach of encouraging me not to dwell on, but to acknowledge and throw the hurt behind me through a healthy process of forgiveness. I appreciated that you were sensitive to each subject I shared and helped me with a few word choices that helped me feel empowered."  

-JoJo LaBrae, Fire Alarm System Services, Motivational Speaker

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Here is what some of Rosie's clients are saying:

Rosie Bank is a health expert. She is also a world class health coach! If you are fortunate enough to work with her one on one and you follow her suggestions you WILL improve your health and feel better. The lessons I learned in working with Rosie continue to impact my health and my life. Under her guidance I made some adjustments to my nutrition and food program that I believe changed my life for an indefinite period.

Eric Lofholm
Eric Lofholm Founder, Eric Lofholm International

After several years of trying to find a coach to whom I could entrust my life situation, I was heartened to connect with Rosie Bank. She possesses a powerful combination of four vital qualities that make her an exceptional coach--a wealth of cutting-edge knowledge about nutrition and health, psychological savvy, uncanny intuition, and a deep and genuine caring for her clients. I am so grateful for her on-going support and whole-heartedly recommend her!

Gwen Fuller
Gwen Fuller Artist

Rosie Bank is my Fountain of Health and she can be yours too! Her expertise and passion for helping others achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle with measureable results very early on is like fuel to take your life to the next level of health, happiness and prosperity. I am always amazed how she can communicate things in a way that totally makes sense and helps propel me onward.

Theresa Oschman, Client

I can't say enough good about Rosie and what she has done for my career as well as my health. I am so blessed to be able to call her friend and mentor. Rosie truly is a woman of honesty, integrity and sincerity. Being in her presence is very uplifting and always comes with a wealth of knowledge that she imparts. Thank you Rosie for all you do!

Rebecca Kyle, student and client

I used to get so stressed out at work that it was spilling over to my family time and I did not realize it. Health coaching has saved my life, my health, and my sanity. I feel so free and confident around food. The cravings are gone and I see a much brighter future for my health and my life. I feel like you saved my life!

Marjorie J., CFO

I have worked with Rosie for over 9 months and in such a short space of time she has helped me immensely with many aspects of my life. The biggest and most significant area was implementing healthy and sustainable habits on a daily basis that have lead to a more energetic, motivated and more vibrant me. Her amazing empathy, openness and wealth of experience in the area of health coaching is a great combination that make her a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Rosie to anyone who is facing health challenges in their life, from the worn out workaholic to the bored but jaded stay at home parent.

Catherine D., Corporate Manager

When I first came to Rosie Bank to participate in her 6-month program, I had three goals in mind: to lose weight, be healthier and to be happier overall.

Rosie was able to help me work toward these goals by explaining how everything we do is interconnected and that by taking the time to be mindful of my choices I could move in the right direction.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my general feeling of well-being and empowerment…that I truly have the ability to improve myself both physically and emotionally.

I would recommend Rosie to anyone who wants to redirect their lives in order to feel better both physically and emotionally.  She is easy and fun to work with, her passion for helping is amazing and her ability to analyze the situation and come up with positive approach towards reaching one’s goals is inspiring.

Glenn Mendelson
Glenn Mendelson President Lee Mendelson Film Productions

How It Works...

Receive a Complimentary Transformation Session.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • q-iconWhat should people look out for in a Health Coach?

    I have always been a big believer in two things: One, wellness practitioners should walk their talk. You learn best from someone who is deeply involved in the practices she is teaching you. Second, it is important to avoid a practitioner who is on a soap box, or is some zealot or extremist. This is dangerous in the wellness field. I learn from people who have radical views, but I know to dial it back lest I or my clients try to fit into a box that is not the right size or shape. Working with someone who can
    customize a plan that is unique to you, and who can listen without judging or making ridiculous rules that you can’t follow, will help you achieve your goals better.

  • q-iconWhy a Six Month Program?

    Your body needs time to heal and become whole. Your life needs time to become balanced and harmonious. In order to ensure the most dramatic and – most importantly – lasting results, what you learn and how you are supported marinates over six months. You can’t learn yoga in one week. You can’t learn piano in one week. Being healthy is a daily practice. You need to overcome perfectionism and learn to navigate over setbacks. By getting feedback based on your own unique discoveries and victories, you will be equipped to go back into your life and continue to practice. Mastery comes over time, which is why so many of my clients re-up their six month coaching program. They learn that there are many layers of refinement. They become happily hooked on continuing to evolve.

  • q-iconWhat if I have tried to lose weight and get healthy in the past, but it did not work?

    Isn’t this just about everybody? Two of my clients told me that the difference now – when they are getting lasting results, versus in the past – when they quit frustrated and resigned to not achieve their goals – is that working with a coach helps them get way more in touch with their purpose in being well, versus merely following some diet. When you discover your most compelling, personal reason to love how you look and feel, it is astonishing how many obstacles you can overcome. Imagine a gentle hand on your back guiding and encouraging you. This makes all the difference in the world. Plus, you will not be asked to do anything weird, gimmicky, or trendy. Just healthy practices that will help you feel so good, you will want to continue.

  • q-iconWhy did you become a Health Coach?

    When I was only 19 years old, I began studying yoga and body therapy, and fairly quickly began teaching both. It was a glorious, lucrative, and profoundly rewarding career. In 1999, I stumbled across nutrition. At that time, I was still lugging around several very serious health issues. That all began to change rapidly as I focused on my food choices, better nutrition, and creating more peace and harmony in my life. The freer I became from the restraints of poor health, and the more I discovered ways to live with vitality, the more I wanted to help others. Simply, this inspired me to gradually switch from one form of wellness practice to a new way of serving others to live with more peace, confidence, happiness, and confidence in their own bodies. I fell in love with nutrition and I discovered an insatiable desire to lead and inspire people in a different way.

  • q-iconWhat makes your approach unique as a Health Coach?

    Three things. First, prior to becoming a Health Coach I taught yoga and body therapy and practiced Rolfing for several decades. This gives me a wealth of experience having met, connected with, and served an enormous diversity of clients and students. Next, my training has been extensive. With three advanced certifications under my belt, my eclectic approach enables me to meet my clients where they are. There is no one-size-fits-all in getting and staying healthy. Having been trained in over 100 dietary theories plus coaching strategies, I am able to help my clients find a path that works for them. And last, having struggled in the past with serious health issues and a raging and debilitating eating disorder, my complete recovery enables me to relate to my clients’ struggles. As a result, I bring compassion, zero judgement, and an enormous passion to help others achieve their desire to become whole and well.

  • q-iconWhy are is your methodology so effective?

    You need time to heal and mend if your body, your life, and your health are not where you want them to be. When you are encouraged to start from exactly where you are, to take incremental changes, and to notice every victory along the way, you will want to move forward and continue on the path. Every positive change is significant and they add up. Your radiant vitality is invariably the result of a variety of adjustments you will be led to make. Since you will be prepared for setbacks, and since we work together over time, you will be able to evolve to a higher, sustainable level of health and wellness. By setting expectations that are realistic, and by building on each breakthrough, you will want to look forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

  • q-iconWhat about Supplements?

    Although my clients are not required to take nutritional supplements or use meal replacements, many elect to because they like the results. My nutritional partner is a registered FDA facility called USANA Health Sciences. For those looking to “up” their health game and “down” their weight, quality supplements and balanced protein shakes can make a world of difference. I use the USANA products daily since 1999 and have experienced massive benefit. For my clients who want to know more, I show them the difference that these products can make.

  • q-iconWhat are the downsides of Health Coaching?

    For someone who is not ready or interested in increasing their vitality, or living with far greater risk for disease, Health Coaching is not the right choice. It is problematic to work with someone who is more interested in staying where they are than in making improvements. The desire to become well comes from inside of you. If that desire is not there, than Health Coaching is probably not for you.

  • q-iconFor whom is Health Coaching a great fit?

    My clients want results. Even if they are nervous, doubtful, or lack confidence, they know that something has to give. They tend to be busy professionals, busy parents, and people who know that they could live a bigger life if they could get their bodies onboard. They experience way too much stress in their lives and they are looking for an off-ramp from that. They are successful women and men, but they are being held back by their confusion over what is good nutrition, often times pesky excess weight, unreliable energy, and dissatisfaction with how they look and feel. Health Coaching is a great fit for people who crave more peace, freedom, happiness, energy, and confidence around all things related to food, wellness, and balance in their lives.

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