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​​Work With Rosie

​​​There are a variety of ways that you can learn from or work with ​me beyond the free resources on ​my website.

​Feel free to reach out anytime to schedule a chat

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​People seek out health coaching for one of two reasons:

1. They have a big health challenge that they want solved yesterday.

2. They have a desire to transform their health.

Health Coaching

​It's usually about weight, food/nutrition, advice ​outside of or to complement their doctor, addressing a health issue, or self-care.

Learn more on my Health Coaching Page.


Rosie Speaking

​Rosie has been speaking and facilitating groups and individuals since 1973.

Her expertise is Health and Wellness, specializing in inspiring busy professionals to get lasting and astonishing results in their productivity, confidence, as well as personal energy and vitality.

Learn more on my Speaking page.

Online Courses

#1: Unwind From Stress

Enjoy peace, calm, and increased vitality in the middle of your busy life.

​Got stress?

This online course might be your new best friend. 

Learn the most significant ways for you to get relief in the parts of your life where it makes the most difference. Food, rest, weight, exhaustion, emotions, your brain, not enough time, other people -- all the ways you get stressed out -- are covered in this comprehensive and practical course.

$97 (includes lifetime access)

#2: Where Is Your Next Meal Coming From?

​Break free from the shackles of dieting, confusion, stress around food, and poor eating habits.

Where Is Your Next Meal Coming From

​Planning, purchasing, preparing, and enjoying food that is good for your body can be a ​challenge. ​

Instead of struggling with what, when, and how to eat food that does nothing for your health (and may even put you at risk), let Rosie show you a better way.

This course will teach you a sustainable path. ​You will find ​​ ​​​more delight and ​enjoy greater results as you continue to practice. ​And you don't have to be perfect!

$97 (includes lifetime access)

Rosie Bank Health Coach

Talk with Rosie?

At this point, you might be curious as to how Rosie can help you reach your personal transformation goals.

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During your complimentary session, Rosie will talk with you to figure out how she can best help you.