cleint_imgMy clients are very busy. They are probably masters at multi-tasking already. Maybe you are that way, too. If so, you?can consume a podcast while driving, walking, biking, or during most forms of exercise. Podcasts are commuters” best friends. Suddenly, sitting in traffic has a whole new meaning. (When I am engrossed in listening to a podcast or an Audible book while in traffic, I am content and relaxed because I am being entertained and/or enlightened. Consider that getting back to work calm might help you be more productive.) If you take public transportation, you can learn on your way to and from work by listening to a podcast.

With today’s waterproof iPod or MP3 players you can even listen to a podcast while swimming! The ultimate in efficiency!

Since I?serve busy professionals, a Podcast is portable and something that my audience can listen to while commuting or doing routine tasks at their desks. I love to clean out email while listening. I love to fold laundry, tidy the kitchen, and prepare dinner while engrossed in a podcast or?Audible book.

My busy parent audience can listen to a podcast while doing housework or shuffling kids between practices.

When I think of the countless hours I am now learning ways to improve my life that did not exist before, I appreciate the inspiration and empowerment I feel now more than ever.

It’s easy and affordable (free!)?to listen to inspirational health messages. No more’resistance! That familiar refrain “not enough time” dissipates. A very good friend of mine overcame his reluctance to take his dogs for a long walk (read: get exercise) small podcast cover artonce he started to listening to podcasts.

I’ve got your back on this one. Stay tuned for Health Matters podcast, coming soon to an audible device near you.

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