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It has been years since I have gotten a cold or flu. I wanted to share what I hope is an inspirational message about staying well during the winter. Isn’t it interesting how many people refer to the winter months as cold and flu season Maybe we can start calling it the Super Immune Fighting Season

Thinking of how many people try to protect themselves in the winter, I went in search of the ingredients of the flu shot. I avoided the websites that seemed like hyped death scares. Not my style. But I did find one by a credible physician, Dr. Mercola, whose information about why to avoid the toxicity of flu shots is very reasonable. In addition to other highly questionable ingredients, the flu shot contains 250 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit for mercury. This is one reason why I never get flu shots. The fact that I know about a dozen people who get flu shots and still get the flu, made me think that there must be a better way to stay healthy.

Is the flu shot the best way to prevent the flu? According the Center for Disease Control, the results, at best, vary. In some populations, such as the elderly, the flu shot backfires, causing a greater risk for the flu. In other words, the flu shot makes some people to get sick.

Boosting Immunity

There is no better cure for the flu than staying well. The flu shot puts a little virus into your body to help you build immunity to that virus. It works only if that is the virus to which you are exposed and if your immune system can actually gear up to fight that particular virus. What if, instead, you protected your immune system to resist all viruses? By staying healthy, you have a real chance to go through the season dodging that flu-bullet.

There is a gem of a product that I use, get great results from, and recommend enthusiastically. USANA’s Booster C 600 is a special blend of ingredients shown to support healthy immune defenses. With a mouthwatering lemon-berry flavor, Booster C 600 is a supplement you will love to take. And because it’s packaged in convenient, travel-sized packs, it’s simply the perfect solution for those times when you want to boost your immunity on-the-go. It tastes like a hot lemon aid and is delicious. It contains 600 mg vitamin C, 10 mg zinc, 30 mg black elderberry, and 100 mg echinacea. No toxicity! No side-effects!

What Sets Booster C600 Apart from the Rest

If you are familiar with other immune support products, check out this chart.

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I hope to inspire you to be pro-active about staying well this winter, and throughout the year. As I sip my daily cup of this delicious, citrus health-promoting gem, I invite you to join me in practicing solutions for optimal health for life.

You can find this pro-health gem at

Wishing you a healthy and happy winter season!

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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