Hello health enthusiasts!

As a health coach, one of my roles is to help people sort through the junk and the gems of workable strategies so that they can

  • improve health
  • lose weight
  • increase energy
  • overcome depression/feel much better
  • boost immune function
  • resist/avoid disease

Since fish oil and Vitamin D have been in the nutrition news a lot lately, I went in search for you of a grounded, documented article that had no sales pitch. Just the facts. I am aware that for many people, the belief that “I can get everything I need from my food” is locked in. I know how beliefs work. They are not easy to  change. This is why I often make suggestions to just try it. Let your body tell you how you respond.

In 1999, when I first started supplementing, against tremendous resistance, my body gave me astounding feedback. One thing I have noticed is that I have chronic, intense feelings of well-being. I did not experience this anywhere near the degree that I do now prior to supplementing on a regular basis. Dr. Amen’s article below addressed this benefit responsibly. As my friend, Dr. Ladd McNamara teaches,

You don’t have to believe in the benefit of supplementing in order for it to work. 

I found this article that does what I was looking for, namely to enlighten you to some evidence-based studies on the benefit of supplementing with fish oil plus Vitamin D.

Thanks to the author, Dr. Amen, for this useful info.

How Fish Oil and Vitamin D Make You Happier, Smarter, and Thinner

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Rosie Bank Health Coach

Rosie Bank Health Coach