Possible 75% cancer mortality reduction with Vitamin D

Friends, I am back with more information on Vitamin D. This is definitely healthy news you can use.

Dr. Cedric Garland provides ground breaking research linking deaths from common cancers and chronic Vitamin D deficiency since 2005.

Dr. Tim Wood of USANA says, “Our research shows that the Vitamin D program Usana now has in place in the USA will put people into the 40-60 ng/ml range that Dr. Cedric Garland talks about.

To get the optimal levels of Vitamin D, consider the following products: The Essentials, Active Calcium (both are in the HealthPak100), BiOmega3 and the new Vitamin D supplement.

View/listen to Dr. Garland at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FMlQeH8RFA

This information should be shared by all. The prevention component of this miracle micronurient appears to be quite significant.

USANA has an excellent Vitamin D products. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

As always, I am happy to help you procure these products with the greatest convenience and at the lowest possible price.

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