VitaminLeafIf you think that all supplements are created equally, you will find the information below rather shocking and enlightening.

If you don’t know the difference between food grade and pharmaceutical grade, keep reading. Your health might depend on what you are about to learn.

Here is a stunning article about the New York Attorney General who bans supplements from major retailers.

The New York State attorney general’s office accused four major retailers on Monday, February 1, 2015 of selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements and demanded that they remove the products from their shelves. READ MORE

Food grade supplements are unregulated. That explains the enormous discrepancy in the products tested in the article above. Potency and purity are not controlled or mandated in this inferior type of supplement. (Spoiler alert: most of the popular and well-marketed brands are manufactured in this way. Bummer for consumers.)

Pharmaceutical grade supplements are made according to the strict guidelines of the FDA, which also oversees the manufacturing of prescription medicine. Potency and purity are guaranteed, as well as other mechanisms to protect the consumer.

USANA Health Sciences complies with all of the FDA requirements for pharmaceutical grade. CONSUMERS WHO ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THE QUALITY OF THEIR SUPPLEMENTS OFTEN CHOOSE USANA BECAUSE OF THE RIGOROUS MANUFACTURING STANDARDS TO WHICH USANA ADHERES. We say, “Don’t sell your health to the lowest bidder.”

According to the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA)

Every adult and child should take a multivitamin to prevent heart disease, cancer etc.

Taking supplements, quality supplements, adds an extra layer of protection to you and your family. Making your health a priority every day will reward you with a real shot at a long, healthy and happy life.

Now you know the rest of the story.

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