Unwind From Stress Course

Unwind From Stress

Enjoy peace, calm, and increased vitality in the middle of your busy life.

Six Lesson Video Course
Available 24/7
Watch in the comfort of your home or office
by Rosie Bank
Health Matters Coaching

If you think you want Less Stress, think again.

Let Rosie show you how to welcome more peace and harmony into your life instead. 

This approach gives you more dramatic results compared to managing stress, reducing stress, or going for stress-relief.

Let go of the perception of not having enough time, not feeling enough energy, being hooked on the wrong kinds of food, and taking care of others at your own expense.

Applying strategies from multiple lifestyle disciplines, Rosie will lead you to breathe, let go, and enjoy a calmer more centered version of you. 

Watch your health, your productivity, and your ability to make taking care of yourself a priority all improve for an indefinite period.

Click to contact Rosie. She will provide instructions for you to complete your enrollment and gain access to the course.


  • You feel like you have "tried everything" to reduce stress in your life, but it seems like the stress is winning.
  • Feeling "crazy busy", "no time", and that you are taking care of everyone but yourself. And you know that something has to give.
  • You worry about the things you can't control and this drives you crazy.
  • You are hard on yourself, especially when you don't meet your own expectations.
  • People at home or work don't listen and this is frustrating you.

Course Description

Six Video Lessons, with downloadable audio and slide decks.
Plus Bonuses!

Lesson 1:  Recognize Stress & How To Respond

  • Identify physiological signs of stress
  • Feel more in control to heal your body
  • Discover different types of stress and acquire tools to get relief

Lesson 2:  Healing Practices for Energy, Focus, and Positive Outlook

  • Untangle old stress triggers
  • Learn to boost your mood and increase mental focus
  • Discover how your nervous system works and how to "turn on" the rest and repair function

Lesson 3:  Good Mood Food

  • Break free from debilitating cravings
  • Create reliable, sustained energy
  • Enjoy weight loss as side-benefit of eating more wholesome foods

Lesson 4:  Mindfulness & Embodiment

  • Feel connected to your body and learn to relax deliberately
  • Learn to give thanks and practice forgiveness to increase peace and harmony
  • Learn mindfulness practices to increase calmness and self-and-body awareness
Lesson 5:  Create A New Relationship With Time      
  • Learn to become the master of time, rather than a slave to it
  • Discover a "high mileage adjustment" and how to deploy for maximum relief and results
  • Know when to say no and when to say yes to be master of your schedule
Lesson 6:  Are You Addicted To Stress?
  • Learn to change your story and reality to increase peace and harmony in your life
  • Learn to recover from "crazy busy"
  • Best tips for maximizing your benefit from the course

Click to contact Rosie. She will provide instructions for you to complete your enrollment and gain access to the course.


1. Meditation audio #1: Breathing and Relaxation
Learn to use your breath, both during meditation and throughout the day, to help you relax into your body. Discover how your breath is an ever-ready tool when you need to unwind. 
   ($69 value)

2. Meditation audio #2: Befriend Time
Discover how to literally create more time by changing your perceptions of and relationship to time. And how this helps you feel so much more peaceful in your life. 
   ($69 value)

3. Mindfulness Workshop Video #1: The Power of Naming Your Emotions
Learn how your emotions are like a compass to guide you throughout your day. Discover your "emotional guidance system" to be more present, in touch, and feel more self-control throughout your day.
   ($79 value)

4. Mindfulness Workshop Video #2: The Stress-Relief Formula
This formula puts you in charge of unwinding and letting go on purpose. 
Get relief from the shackles of stress seeming to win over your desire to become calmer and more relaxed. Use this formula to take back control.

   ($79 value)

Better Than Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the course, here's what we'll do to help you get relief:

  • First, attend all of the sessions. 
  • Next, try at least three of the strategies.
  • Then, email me within 30 days and tell me what happened.

I will bring out two last ditch tools, plus meet with you one-on-one to figure out what the issue is and help you get real relief.

Click to contact Rosie. She will provide instructions for you to complete your enrollment and gain access to the course.

Rosie Bank

Rosie is a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is certified through The Center for Nutrition at e-Cornell in Plant-Based Nutrition. Rosie works with individuals and groups, guiding and facilitating them to enjoy optimal health and vitality and to live with far greater confidence, peace, joy, balance, and freedom. 

Rosie teaches her clients how to eat food that is balanced and nourishing, She will inspire you to take excellent care of your body, mind, and soul. She is also certified through the American Fitness Professionals Association, and is a Sanoviv Nutrition and Health Advisor.

Her clients confirm that their lives are transformed when their health improves dramatically.

Rosie taught Optimal Nutrition through the San Mateo Adult School and the YMCA. She taught Unleash Your Health through Ohlone College in Fremont. Currently, Rosie is the founder of the Vitality Club at Trilogy at the Vineyards in Brentwood, CA, where she teaches members who are 55+ how to optimize their health and enjoy living and playing in their bodies.

Rosie is the author of HEALTH MATTERS, 52 Ways to Get Your Body To Love You Back, and Love How You Look and Feel After Fifty. She is also the author of four previous books on yoga, Rolfing (body therapy), and business.

She and her husband and business partner, Mark Waldman, play hard and work hard. They love sports, world travel, and living an adventurous life. Rosie loves to cook. She and Mark enjoy an all plant-based lifestyle. They have six adult off-spring between them, and two dogs, Dolly and Gus.

Rosie says, "My own life and health reflect what I have learned and the values to which I ascribe. I am on this earth to help others achieve the level of peace, health, and joy that I enjoy every day."