#20 Releasing Trapped Emotions
Interview with Dr. Michelle Peticolas

Join Rosie and her guest, Dr. Michelle Peticolas as they discuss resolving emotional trauma that is stored in our bodies.

  • How do emotions get trapped in our bodies?
  • How does this impact our physiology and health?
  • And, most importantly, what can we do to heal?

Dr. Michelle is an inner-game expert with a specialty in trapped emotions. By understanding where our trapped emotions come from and how they influence our behavior we can develop practices and exercise to help release them and the beliefs that sustain them.

Her approach combines research in neuropsychology and evolutionary biology with applied cognitive psychology and 30 years of spiritual practice. She has developed exercises and tools that promote emotional awareness and mental mastery so we can more easily access our authentic power and achieve excellence.

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Bring your body to listen in to two experts as they discuss healing your body and healing your life by resolving trapped emotions. Learn how you can break free and live with more aliveness and vitality.

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