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Healthy for Life

Three Steps to Lose the Weight Now Here’s How

My husband and I are leaving for Europe in two days. Two weeks ago I said to him, how about if we avoid sugar and alcohol until we leave? He said, Okay. So we don’t have a glass of wine with dinner. Instead of our dark chocolate and a very occasional rich dessert, after dinner we have a little fruit and nut bar that contains no other ingredients, not even a sugar substitute. Without dieting, I lost about five pounds in a week. I feel great and I love how I look.
I wrote about this in an earlier post. But it is worth repeating. There is a way for you to lose the weight you want pretty fast and relatively effortlessly. Will you need to make adjustments in your habits? Well, of course! That’s what makes this so exciting. When you do so, you will love the results!
Here are three steps to lose the weight now.
1. Set your mind straight. Instead of thinking of depriving yourself, focus on what you are creating and why you are doing it. Instead of thinking I am on a diet?, think I am making healthy choices.
2. You can get amazing results by eliminating trigger foods that you already know you are better off not eating. One client just gave up two glasses of wine after work and switched to veggies and humus and the weight just fell off her body. Make substitutes for the foods that cause your body to keep the weight on. Replace bread, rice, tortillas, pasta, and desserts for more fruits and veggies. Consider meal replacements because they are economical, delicious, convenient, and they work.
3. Celebrate every win. You don’t have to be glamorous and skinny overnight. But your pants might feel a little bit loser right away. That is what you focus on. That will keep you on board with your health and weight goals.
Love your body by making healthy choices every day. And your body will love you back.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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