Today is January 1, 2016. I had such a funny thought this morning. It went like?this. Oh, it’s a holiday. I don’t need to meditate or do my exercises. Do you ever hear yourself trying to weasle out of your disciplines, like I did? What does New Year’s Day or any special holiday) have to do with slipping on that which puts me in an optimal state?

Then I thought about?how I feel when I do meditate and have my workout, and how I feel when I don’t do?either. It was obvious to me that this special?had nothing to do with my?decision to start my day, indeed my year, feeling terrific. Since I love how calm?and positive I feel after I meditate, and I love the way my body feels when I do my?workout, I am always happy when I choose this way to start my day. Not?sometimes. Always. I bet you have something similar — something you know that when you do, you can move mountains. And when you don’t, you can hardly walk over a hill.

Here are three keys to inspire you to put yourself in an optimal state.

  1. Become aware of the different categories where your choices impact your?state. Some that come to mind: the people with whom you spend time,?how much sleep you get and your bed time, whether you exercise or not,?what books you read and listen to, what you eat and drink, what you tell?yourself about different situations in your life, how optimistic you are emotionally and mentally.
  2. Be mindful about your choices. Think ahead. Visualize the outcome. Be?deliberate in selecting from the above categories based on seeing ahead to?how you want to feel and function. During the day there is a steady stream?of opportunities to pick ways that impact how you choose to be. Connect your actions and decisions to the results you will gain by moving in one direction or another. Meditation and physical exercise are excellent examples of ways we can steer ourselves on course to focus on performing optimally. For me, this always includes focusing on serving others. Once I get myself organized, I am more able to be present for?other people.
  3. Make new habits. The combination of becoming more aware and being?mindful of your choices means that you will empower yourself to put?yourself in a good state more frequently. Each time you reinforce this good?habit, it gets easier to do this again the next time. For example, each?morning you choose a nutritious and balanced breakfast when starting your day serves to?remind you to skip the orange juice?and bagel?that you wolf down?when you aren?t?paying attention. Good, conscious habits beget more of the same.

Tony Robbins emotions

I always must thank Tony Robbins, whose work on state, has influenced me so?greatly. Learn to look forward to those good habits, and to anticipate how?terrific you feel when you choose consciously. Robbins inspires us to condition ourselves mentally, and also to activate our physiology. How you want to show up in the world will be determined by how deliberately you prepare yourself to perform and function in your own peak state.

Wishing you happiness, peace, and confidence as you?make choices that get your body to love you back.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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