Do This Be Happy!

Being happy is good for our health and our business. Since my work life is equally divided between health and business coaching, I recognize in people the correlation between the state of their minds and their success in their bodies and with their businesses. Hence my writing about happiness in both arenas.

  1. When you hear someone describe something about herself in an arena in which you have no personal desire, but it makes her happy, jump on her happy train and be happy for her. Let’s say that someone lost twenty pounds and was thrilled. Even if you don’t personally need or want to lose any weight, you can experience someone’s happiness by proxy. Imagine that someone else’s happiness is contagious. By feeling her happiness, you can experience more for yourself.
  2. When you hear someone describe something about himself that matches a desire that you have, even if that person achieved one of your dreams, be happy knowing that what you want is an achievable desire. Let’s say that you know someone who achieved a new rank in her network marketing business. Let’s say that you want to be able to achieve that same rank. That someone was able to manifest this rank level puts it in the air as something that can actually occur. It would be smart of you to celebrate this person’s happiness because her accomplishment makes yours more real. Rank advancement happens?. Manage any jealousy or negative self-talk. Switch your focus to thoughts and feelings that get you in touch with your dream to be able to advance. Be happy knowing that this is now more possible for you.
  3. If something happens and you are not pleased with it, take a few moments to ask yourself what is perfect about this. Recently my husband and I were going to go to Chicago, and then we did not go. I was very disappointed. I asked myself what was perfect about this. I discovered that by staying in town I was able to go water skiing twice, have a fantastic evening with some friends who came over for dinner, and help some other friends move. I was so pleased with this discovery! When you do this, you can always come back to (fill in the blank) disappointment, anger, sadness? But you might feel better and choose to remain happy.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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