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A bit of history. Yours truly, many years ago, was trapped in a body that was too big, that lacked energy, and that was addicted to carbs. Seriously addicted. I feel that in describing this person, that she is someone other than myself, given how different my life is since breaking those shackles of food addiction. I only mention this so that you know how much I can relate with anyone who feels stuck in a body that is the wrong size, shape, weight, appearance, and that does not feel good. ‘Nuf said.

There is a huge white elephant in the middle of the room. That is one of those things that is not pleasant to talk about, so we pretend that she is not there. Fortunately, you can read this in the privacy of your home or office. By the way, this post comes with a hug. It’s edgy, but I have to share with you.

The following is something I have witnessed among so many people, many of whom became my clients. When offered a solution and support to shed those unwanted pounds, you might freak out and not even know it.

If you are like I was and when I felt so buried under the countless times I tried and failed, then you might be able to relate to this. Your mind says, “Hell no! That won’t work.” You might say you have a dream, a burning desire, to become the size and shape you have always wanted, but when someone extends a hand to lead you on to the path of peace, health, and joy in your body, you will find everything wrong with whatever strategy is being offered to you.

Like how I used to be, you may just have barricaded yourself behind a combination of fear, self-doubt, and layers of resistance. So, you fail before you start! (Most people don’t fail because they don’t start things. They fail because they don’t finish what they start. Remember this when you set out to be healthier.) You might even feel resentment or anger at the person or book, or article — anything or anyone that suggests that you can get free. And you may even feel threatened.

My recommendation to you is to ask yourself if this is what is going on. Are you? living under a blanket that protects you and prevents you from having what you want? Can you peak out just a little bit and be willing to become that person you long to be? I know this is not a competition. But if I can do it, anybody can do it. Can you own those projections and use them to examine yourself in an earnest attempt to come out from under your blanket? What security does this protection provide if the result is that you are still stuck, and not happy about how you look and feel? (I told you this would be edgy.)

Last week a gentleman told me that “he knows it all” regarding losing weight. I felt sad for him as I imagined what that must feel like given how unhappy he is with his size and shape.

I love this quote.

Knowing and not doing is not knowing. Leo Bascalia

I have faith in you. I hope this helps. I pray that you will give yourself the gift of a body that supports you beautifully. It is not everything to be healthy and happy in your body. But it changes everything. Take a baby step today, and one tomorrow. They will add up. Let me know how it goes as you uncover the body you were always meant to have.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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