The Best Productivity Tool in

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Read this if you want to be more productive, more focused, identify what is most important, and feel fabulous about the results in your life.

You cannot manage time. Time has a mind of its own. It is like a breathing entity. It will pass no matter what you do to try to control it. So forget about time management. All you can manage is yourself. The model below is for weekly planning, but you can use the same tips for longer durations of time.

Here are 5 straightforward tips for getting the greatest return for your time.

  1. Sometime before Monday morning, identify the key activities that you want to accomplish in the upcoming week.

    When you see yourself having completed these activities, you have the most excitement, happiness with yourself, and tremendous sense of accomplishment. (An example would be spending 90 minutes preparing for a major event. I do not think that polishing your shoes would qualify unless under unique circumstances, such as preparing your attire to receive an award.) Sitting down to think about these things will add tremendous value to your entire week. Planning and thinking are a key components to your success in doing this.

  2. Write them down in a list.

    I make three lists. Work, personal and MASTER PLAN. The first two are self-explanatory. The last one is a broader picture of my life and goals. They are not actual tasks.. But they are directly connected to a larger landscape than a given week. Any time spent in the accomplishment of these larger items are an excellent use my your time. And of yours too. It is also useful to keep these in my visual field as reminders of what where I am headed with my goals.

  3. Set aside jam sessions.

    Depending on the task, you may want to assign 30 minutes, one hour, 90 minutes, or whatever you think you will need. Preparing for a Toastmasters speech takes longer than returning two phone calls from prospective clients. With practice, you will become skilful in allocating the correct amount of time. You can always adjust, anyway. (Thank you Darren Hardy, editor of Success Magazine for the word jam sessions. I have also heard these called Power Hours. Same thing.)

  4. Only do things during the day that are from that list.

    That list is your compass. Refer to it as you move seamlessly from one key activity to the next. While you are doing them eliminate distractions. Do not check Facebook, answer your phone, read your text messages, or peek at your email. Your muscle of focus can and should be strengthened. Figure out what you need to do to create this uber-concentrated time. Put a sign on your door, turn off your phone, turn off your email alerts, silence your phone. You are busy and focused and you choose to remain un-distracted. It is important to finish what you set out to accomplish. You honor yourself by cherishing how you spend your time.

  5. Highlight in a bright color each item that you complete.

    This is the cherry on top. This is your way of seeing that you can and do complete the most important things in your week. You are worth it. You are a powerhouse of laser focused concentration. Your accomplishments are stellar and you get it done. Notice how you feel when you see the highlighted items. Great, right? Go do it again!

laser 2Begin the process again next week, taking off the highlighted items and making a new list.

Your life will love you back for this high achieving activity. You might even change the world with your laser beam of focused energy.

Note: This blog contains the notes from a Toastmasters Speech I prepared this evening of the same title. I allocated 90 minutes and came in just under one hour.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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