Giving thanks is the coolest thing. An attitude of gratitude is touted as among the most effective strategies for moving around in our worlds, getting the most out of life. Looking at the half-full cup and being appreciative invites the universe to give us more for which we can be grateful.

Sometimes it is hard to say thank you because we have… how shall I say this… issues around deserving or believing in our own worth. Recently with a lovely client who is making astonishing progress around all of the biggies that get addressed in Health Coaching (food, exercise, sleep, drink, peace, relationships, etc.) I told her that she was doing a great job. It was so hard for her to say “Thank you.” You see, what surfaces are the self-limiting beliefs that got us stuck in the first place. It is a fairly simple equation. If we doubt ourselves in the arena of, say, eating healthy food and ditching the junk, it can feel scary. For some, it might even be hard to believe that these new habits are sustainable. Or even like we are being impostors! When someone acknowledges us, it can seem like we were caught in pretending that we are someone that we do not believe we truly are.

Therefore, when someone notices that you are improving (getting better), it might not feel authentic to take in the compliment. But when you do, if you are willing to say the words I am going to show you momentarily… this can be tranformational!

Let’s say Jack is at a party and a friend comes up and says, “Hey, Jack. What have you been up to? I’ve never seen you look this healthy and fit before!”

Jack might want to bow his head and murmur something dismissive, like “It’s nothing.” Or, “It’s no big deal.”

But that would be a mistake and a missed opportunity for Jack to own his hard-earned progress. This is what Jack can say in a situation like this, even if it seems weird or uncomfortable at first. The whole point is to grow into receiving someone’s recognition of our hard work and owning it!¬†

Jack: “Thank you. I really appreciate you for saying that. I am really working hard on ______ (state what the acknowledgment was for).

This works like magic. Include some direct eye contact, and you are stepping your game up.

Bonus: You can make the other person’s day with a smile and a big thank you! Sure, it might not feel comfortable at first. This is why it’s so worth it to you to practice.¬†

By the way, you did a great job reading this blog and watching my little video below.

You are welcome!


Rosie Bank is the author of Health Matters, and the founder of the Health Matters Coaching System.

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