What Clients and Students Say about Working with Rosie

“When I worked with my previous health coach it was a complete struggle for me. I was committed to losing weight but I hated the process. I couldn’t wait to finish the program, which is why, I now realize, all the weight came back.

What’s different working with Rosie is how happy I am and how confident I feel to achieve my goals now and into the future. I’m so excited by everything she’s teaching me and I want to keep doing it. I have completely changed my outlook on food. I’m confident that I won’t revert back and that I will continue to make smart choices. I love it when people tell me I look great and ask me how I am doing it. I’m losing weight, inches around my waist, and I am enjoying my new lifestyle.

I am so glad I found Rosie and she agreed to help me. I could not have done this on my own. I’ve become a health advocate for others and I enjoy that very much.”

Richard Kim, Escalation Engineer at Palo Alto Networks

“Rosie created a program called “Unleash Your Health” for our college faculty and staff. Several staff members had been asking abouta wellness program or a group weight-loss program. I loved Unleash Your Health because of the focus on nutrition, exercise, as well as looking at the emotional side to wellness. Staff are engaged and I have noticed significant results. Rosie is incredible. She designed the entire program and was masterful in the execution. She is confident yet vulnerable. She is organized, reliable, and does what she says. I have no hesitation recommending Rosie to any organization. Her program is transformative!”

Shairon Zingsheim, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Training, Ohlone College

“As an instructor and Health Coach, Rosie is easy to follow and understand. She is passionate about helping people. I found her Unwinding from Stress class invaluable. I appreciate the techniques to help me rest and how I can relax even when there are unbelievable demands on me at work.”

Sylvia Lopez, Director of Operations at San Mateo Chamber of Commerce

“Rosie Bank is a trustworthy and reliable partner in helping my patients. She coaches with a perfect blend of humor and authority. Regarding weight loss, Rosie offers expertise in all the different components. Her comprehensive approach to nutrition gives rather quick results; she has already helped a number of my patients increase their energy, improve their sleep, and lose weight. As a physician, I like that her approach is sustainable.”

Liz Lyster, MD

“Rosie has shown me how to become very aware of why I am eating, and to determine if I am eating because I am hungry, pissed, off, or stressed. This has enabled me to get tremendous relief from emotional eating. She has helped me changed my relationship with food and my approach to eating. The result is a much better shape of my body.”

Kathy D'Mura, Mom, Grandmother, Business Woman

“The class Unwinding from Stress was quite helpful. Rosie clearly explained how one’s diet can either contribute to stress or help to prevent it. I learned the value of taking time throughout the day to simply stand, pause and breath. As an instructor, Rosie is a shining example of what she teaches. She is active, trim and always positive.”

Stevan Browning, Founder Browning Business Management, Inc

“As a naturopathic doctor I am generally skeptical of so-called nutritional information and those purveying it. Rosie is different: her information is well researched, scientifically-based, and she eliminates the insanity surrounding the nutrition industry and presents accessible and clear information. Rosie makes the complicated world of nutrition easy to understand. Rosie is genuine and approachable, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my patients to her.”

Dr. Jennifer Potter

“Rosie possesses a powerful combination of four vital qualities that make her an exceptional coach: a wealth of cutting-edge knowledge about nutrition and health, psychological savvy, uncanny intuition, and a deep and genuine caring for her clients. I am so grateful for her on-going support and I whole-heartedly recommend her!”

Gwen Fuller, Artist

“Rosie Bank is a health expert. She is also a world class health coach! If you are fortunate enough to work with her one on one and you follow her suggestions you WILL improve your health and feel better. The lessons I learned in working with Rosie continue to impact my health and my life.”

Eric Lofholm, Master Sales Trainer

“Nutrition Made Easy was very informative. I am so grateful to have been part of this enlightening class. Rosie enlightened me and the class was so much fun.”

Gozde Basar

“I love how I look, and I’m happy about losing 10 pounds because that was one of my goals. But I feel so different. I now feel confident in who I am at my core.”

Emily Wishall, Rolfer

“I tried several diets and failed at all of them. Then I met Rosie Bank. She gets true pleasure in helping others achieving their goals. For the first time in my life I am successful in accomplishing my diet and health goals.”

Valerie St.Michel

“As an instructor, Rosie is bright, warm, direct, and informative about how to embody a prohealth approach to life.”

Barbara Lamb Hall

“Working with Rosie was the missing key to help me lose the extra weight I had been carrying around for years. Rosie helped me peel back all the layers and discover things about myself I never imagined. I feel very empowered, more confident and able to make decisions that benefit all aspects of my life and my health.”

Isabel Hanohano

“Rosie’s enthusiasm shines when she speaks about health and wellness. Her knowledge is vast and whilst being incredibly intuitive she matches that with sensitivity. One of my favorite qualities about Rosie is that she listens, very carefully, and gives sound and practical advice that allows one to make change more easily. I am enjoying many benefits by following Rosie’s recommendations. Thank you Rosie for all your awesome work!”

Stephania Humphrey, Osteopath

“I was overweight, unhealthy and had tried several different diets that worked in the short term but would always go back to my old ways. I have been working with Rosie for several months now and she has taught me that the work will never end and that there is no quick fix or fad diet that will help me. She has helped me learn to overcome the tendencies that led me to becoming overweight and unhealthy and is helping me create a path with the right tools to continue to stay healthy forever.

Rosie knows her stuff. She will take the time to get to know you and customize the coaching to your unique situation. She will challenge you to keep you working towards your goal and will make your own goals her goals. I feel that I have a partner on this journey.”

John Gump, Commercial Realtor

“My session with Rosie Bank started out with what I believe would be a challenge for her, in that I am already very healthy and well nourished. My test for her was if she could figure out the area where I was most in need of support. Sure enough, she identified that I was a sleep-deprived insomniac with a lot to worry about. From there, she had great recommendations and gave me direction that I needed. I feel well supported by Rosie. I’m impressed with the breadth of her knowledge and the depth of her insight. I’d gladly refer more clients to her moving forward.”

Aaron Parnell, Founder Reposturing and the Vitality Center

“I’m glad I decided to work with Rosie as my Health Coach. She helped me think about what is most important and to set realistic goals. We talked about things I don’t normally talk about and this helped me stay in check. I got lots of new ideas that I can work on like being more mindful around food and to recognize when I make excuses. This process helped me in many ways.”

Francis Wright, Nurse and Client

“The members of Greater San Mateo Club were most grateful for the stimulating talk you gave yesterday.You are a very effective speaker and educator.”

Gerry Weisst, President & Secretary Kiwanis Club of Greater San Mateo

“Thank you for your excellent presentation to the Burlingame Lions Club. You got us excited about life and to think about ways to keep our “quality of life” at the best level possible.”

Glenn Mendolson, V.P. Burlingame Lions http://burlingameca.lionwap.org

“Rosie Bank has that rare ability to immediately connect with her audience.Her warmth and sincerity, coupled with her straight-forward presentation style, makes her attendees active listeners and involved learners.”

Tom Jung, Program Coordinator, Vocational and Community Education, San Mateo Adult School

“Rosie is an inspirational speaker. She instantly connects with her audience and inspires them throughout her presentation. She delivers overwhelming value and she leaves her audience wanting more. I highly recommend Rosie to speak at your organization.”

Arvee Robinson, Founder Instant Pro Speaker, Master Speaker Trainer

“I can clearly find the difference in the way I look, feel and behave between before I worked with Rosie and after I started working with her. Before, I didn’t count FOOD as a substance of nourishment. Now, I use food as a FUEL to my body. Before, I ignored the warning signs that my body sent and kept demanding more of it. Tiredness, anger, dissatisfaction and binge eating were the results. Now, I allocate time for myself for some self-care activities and it shows off in the way I look from outside as well as inside. Rosie used to say “enjoy the white spaces in your calendar”. Before, I had the habit of squeezing every little task in those “white spaces” instead of using them to relax. Now, I use those white spaces to relax and feel better. Thanks to the Universe for leading me to work with Rosie. Life is better with a positive mindset and more energy, and not struggling with fatigue.”      

Uma Mahi, Virtual Assistant, Chennai, India

Your Journey to Wellness with Rosie Bank