pills on handsSomeone who recently became my client came to me because she thought she wanted to upgrade her supplements. She took a True Health Assessment and we came up with a modest amount of supplements to address her concerns.

The next day she called to say that she can?t possibly take supplements! She had worked herself into an anxious state. I invited her to sit down with me so we could assess the situation. What I learned is worth sharing here.

Her words were, I can?t swallow supplements!? Then I learned two things about her:

  1. She had assumed that the products she got from me were horse pills? like she had struggled with in the past. They are not.

  2. She revealed to me that she feels that she is always in a hurry, that she has to race through her meal to get to cleaning the kitchen. She has tried to take a handful of supplements and throw them down in haste. Small wonder she has issues!

I demonstrated for her that it takes less than a minute to take a few supplements, one at a time, while relaxing, not hurrying, and enjoying a sip of water and a deep breath with each one. (I actually got my watch out and timed myself doing this.) She said, I can do that!? I mentioned that this is time for her to nurture and nourish her body. I asked her if she could take a minute twice a day to allow health-enhancing supplements to easily go down. She said that she had never considered that and that she was sure that she could take them with no problem. She also revealed that those two minutes could be the most relaxed time of her entire day.

If you or someone you know says that taking supplements is impossible, find out what is really going on. There is most likely an easy solution.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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