Popular debate: To Supplement or Not to Supplement

Do you debate whether or not you should invest in dietary supplements to help you achieve your health goals? If so, you are not alone. A friend and fellow health advocate asked my opinion on this very topic. Here is the article that you can read for yourself on the Fooducate website. I encourage any of us who are making decisions about our health to look at different viewpoints so we can make informed choices. I have four points I’d like to make on this topic below. 

Dietary Supplements

  1. We – meaning promoters of good health – are aware of the on-going debate regarding the efficacy of taking dietary supplements. Not only do we not shy away from this, we respect the controversy recognizing it for what it is. The entire field of health and nutrition is paved with varied beliefs from the practitioners and researchers who make up the profession. Just as the article below points to why not to take supplements, there are just as many reliable resources that recommend the opposite.
  2. As a consumer, it is useful to know the pros and cons on any intervention you are considering for yourself. Also, as a consumer, never expect the experts to agree. An example I am currently sorting through is the age-old wisdom that we should have a healthy and balanced breakfast to get our metabolism (fat-burning, energy producing) mechanism in gear. This makes sense. Now, the proponents of intermittent fasting (IF) are endorsing the benefits of skipping a meal, or two, or more and waiting to eat. By embracing these conflicting viewpoints, we can pick what is best for ourselves based on our own body’s needs and responses.
  3. One should never point to one article as the definitive conclusion regarding something as controversial as health. Allow me to state that as a fact and a recommendation.
  4. What if the pros of taking supplements outweigh the cons? I address this in an article titled Eat Smart, Get Healthy. There is a simple take-away from this document. Supplements add an extra layer of protection. That is all that they are supposed to do. And that is plenty.

Here is my favorite way to recommend supplements. At the end of the day, our radiant good health will invariably be the result of a variety of things we have done to intervene on our own behalf. Since our macro diet (meals, snacks, fats, proteins, carbohydrates) forms the basis of our good-health-from-proper-nutrition, and since one should never take supplements to make up for a crummy diet*, let’s get clear on what supplements do. They provide extra protection. You normally would not ask if you should eat broccoli or exercise. You wouldn’t try to choose between adequate hydration and getting plenty of sleep. Our good health is never the result of one thing. The more layers of protection the better. Think synergistic.

Let’s look at this like a mathematical equation: proper hydration + ample restorative sleep + excellent digestion and pooping + quality macro-nutrition + quality micro-nutrition + ample movement and exercise + minimal exposure to toxins (alcohol, processed foods, smoke, etc.) = having a real shot at radiant good health.

The article below takes a particular perspective. The good news is that it is your body and you get to choose. My journey to becoming a health coach began by taking supplements. My body and health changed so dramatically that I was astonished. The more I looked into what supplements can do, the more I used them for myself and recommended them to friends, family, and clients. I also eat my veggies.

*I dedicated an entire blog post on this titled Don’t Take Nutritional Supplements

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