Rosie Bank has been speaking and facilitating groups and individuals since 1973. Her expertise is Health and Wellness, specializing in inspiring busy professionals to get lasting and astonishing results in their productivity, confidence, as well as personal energy and vitality.

Click to watch Unwind from Stress, one of Rosie’s signature talks. (Scroll down to watch entire presentation.)

Rosie is the author of Health Matters, 52 Ways to Get Your Body To Love You Back. She is also a Toastmaster and international speaker.

She appeared recently on RHGTVNetwork.com with a talk for business people and entrepreneurs titled Take the Stage with Energy and Vitality (click here for an abbreviated segment)

Rosie leads her audience to:

  • Connect the dots between taking care of their health and increased productivity.
  • Know what steps to take immediately to get relief from too much stress and being hooked on the wrong kinds of food.
  • Know the five P’s to optimizing their health to feel better, look better, have more energy, and (for some) to lose weight.

Formats available: Keynote presentations, lunch-and-learn, guest interviewee, breakout sessions, extended on-site courses.

Health is Everyone’s Business
The most costly thing in business is not advertising, marketing, or even traveling across the country to meet with prospective customers. The most expensive thing a business owner or busy professional can do is neglect her health. Health is everyone’s business. Having reliable energy, being able to think clearly with no “brain fog”, avoiding hideous costs of lifestyle-induced diseases, getting relief from dependency on sugar and caffeine, and working productively to stay ahead of the competition are all essential to your success. Health coach, speaker, and author, Rosie Bank, speaks to your organization to inspire and lead audiences to ensure they are on top of their health game to protect their greatest assets, namely themselves. (Click here to listen to Rosie being interviewed on the subject of health and finances.)

Breaking the Stress Cycle
There is actually a physical, chemical addiction to stress and it is epidemic among the most successful of professionals and business owners. Learning how to unwind from this pattern can transform your life, your business, and your bottom line. Rosie can show you how to identify the main barricades between you and a life of peace, harmony, and vitality. Adjustments to how, when, and what you eat; how to get plenty of restorative sleep; and how to avoid food that zaps your energy are just a few strategies you will learn as Rosie teaches you to break the stress cycle. Heal your body, boost your immune system, and steer clear from impending disaster. Rosie can show you how.

Nutrition Made Easy
What are you going to eat for dinner tonight? What are you going to feed your family? Does this ever happen… that you can’t find the time to make nutritious food? That it is so confusing which dietary theory to practice, and if you are even on the right track? Rosie will help you with all of these concerns and more. With a passion for creating beautiful and nutritious food, Rosie can show you how to make simple selections that you and your family will love. Starting with the basics, discover which foods contribute to fatigue, inflammation, and unwanted weight. And from there, learn which foods will taste delicious, are easy to prepare, and will help you look and feel fabulous. Health Matters Coaching is all about showing you how to fall in love with food that is good for you. In this talk, Rosie will be your guide to get on board with reliable tasty nutrition from your own kitchen.



Rosie Bank



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Meditation and Mindful Eating
Are you using food to provide profound nourishment for your body and to give you reliable, predictable energy? Or, do you sometimes use food to compensate for being exhausted, run down, and out of energy? Do you find yourself snacking mindlessly and wonder where those pesky twenty pounds came from? And do you put better quality fuel in your car than you do when you pick not-so-good-for-you-food to feed your body? Health coach, author, and speaker, Rosie Bank, will guide you to transform your relationship with food. Fall in love with food that is good for you and break your dependency on food that might be poisoning you. Learn to use food as medicine to heal your body and help restore you to your full capacity.

The members of Greater San Mateo Club were most grateful for the stimulating talk you gave yesterday.You are a very effective speaker and educator.

Gerry Weisst, President & Secretary Kiwanis Club of Greater San Mateo

Rosie Bank is an expert on health. She has an extraordinary ability to connect with the audience, stay completely focused, and deliver quality information.

Eric Lofholm, founder Eric Lofholm International www.saleschampion.com

Thank you for your excellent presentation to the Burlingame Lions Club. You got us excited about life and to think about ways to keep our “quality of life” at the best level possible.

Glenn Mendolson, V.P. Burlingame Lions http://burlingameca.lionwap.org

Rosie Bank has that rare ability to immediately connect with her audience.Her warmth and sincerity, coupled with her straight-forward presentation style, makes her attendees active listeners and involved learners.

Tom Jung, Program Coordinator, Vocational and Community Education, San Mateo Adult School

Rosie is an inspirational speaker. She instantly connects with her audience and inspires them throughout her presentation. She delivers overwhelming value and she leaves her audience wanting more. I highly recommend Rosie to speak at your organization.

Arvee Robinson, Founder Instant Pro Speaker www.instantprospeaker.com