You just learned how to transform your awareness around food. In case you missed that one, CLICK HERE. Now let me show you how to make a healthy separation from food without having to get a divorce.

  1. Add pleasure and adventure to your life. I have found the most dramatic relief for individuals who start having fun on purpose to create a distraction from food.

  2. Do things with family and friends that used to involve food, but be creative and find other things to do. A family bike ride is popular among my clients. Going for a walk or a hike is fun and gets you into breathing and moving your body. Keep it simple and be consistent.

  3. Learn to relax. Quelling the flame of stress will help you feel much calmer around food, especially when you are hungry and it is time to eat. Breathing, yoga, and meditation all promote relaxation. You will find that less stress supports?easing away from a preoccupation with food and eating.

  4. Pay attention to your language. When you notice your thoughts and the words you say orienting around food, practice reframing them. Here is an example: imagine you are planning your day. If your thoughts are dominated by breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking in between which I have heard from my clients enough to know that this is real for some people begin to think of your day around the non-food events. For example, I get up and meditate and do my visualizing exercises. Then I enjoy about 20 minutes of stretching. I love to take the dogs to the park for a quick run. I’ll be in my office by around 9 AM and plan on a productive morning, before I leave for an appointment with my client at 1 PM. You get the point. Food will happen. Your meals will happen when you are hungry, even if you are focused on the?most enjoyable and productive parts of your day!

  5. Understand your enjoyment factor with food. One client told me that he discovered that he was so stressed when he ate that, even though he thought he loved food, in reality, he wasn’t even enjoying it! By using the strategies above (and others that we went over in Health Coaching), he learned to love food, minus the stress and preoccupation. His weight loss was in the double digits and he said he never felt like he was dieting!

  6. Be discriminating. Most of us have on occasions made good choices in lovers and partners, and at other times, perhaps not such good choices. Similarly, if you are eating food that?is?like the leather clad pot-smoking biker dude who you know you shouldn’t sleep with… take care of?yourself. Just like choosing who you have sex with, I urge you to avoid eating food that makes you feel guilty or that cause you to judge yourself. An all-organic spinach salad with avocado,?strawberries, and toasted seeds would spinach saladbe like the guy or gal your mother wants you to marry.

When I was in college, my sister sent me a greeting card that read on the front: Sex ain?t so bad. And on the inside it read: It’s a great way to kill time between meals. Live your life fully. If you are in an abusive marriage with food, it’s time to take a stand for a better, higher quality of life. Your body will love you back for moving ahead.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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