"What's Love Got To Do With It?", sang Tina Turner. Bless her heart for giving us ​this timeless meme. (Here's the original music video - enjoy!)

As you will learn in the Health Matters System, the answer is: everything! Especially when it comes to loving yourself first. (Which is why it's the system's First Pillar.)

Here is an audio recording that combines ​four "health hacks" on the subject of loving yourself first.

How does this relate to your body and your health?

Listen or read so that you can learn for yourself.  The transcripts are below.

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The core philosophy of the Health Matters System is to
Love Yourself First. You take better care of that which you cherish. This includes your own body.

​Loving Yourself First is the First Pillar of the System.

​Transcript of Audio:

​Loving Our Bodies

​Let’s get you on track regarding your body, your food choices, and your energy level.

Fundamental to the Health Matters system is an overarching attitude of love, gratitude, and respect of and for your body.

I advise all of us to quit doing the things that make us feel sick and crummy.

To treat our bodies with reverence because this body is the only one we get this time around.

Know the difference between an occasional glass of wine, and knocking yourself into a stupor because you drank too much.

Know the difference between an occasional piece of dark chocolate, versus throwing back an entire box of cookies until you can hardly move.

Know the difference between an occasional afternoon when you want to take it easy versus a habit of sedentariness and torpor and not moving your body at all.

In these examples, the pro-health activity is benign and you can stay connected with yourself and in touch with essentially taking care of yourself.

In the other cases, if you disassociate from your body and do things that damage your body you may be at risk. This is what we need to avoid.

Health Matters is all about loving your body and getting your body to love you back.

You are worth it.

​Three Factors​

​Anybody want to have a leaner body?

I’m speaking to you if weight loss is on your wish list. This is a large body of information and I hope that makes you smile. 

If I were asked what three factors go into your ability to achieve and maintain the size and shape that pleases you it would be the following.

Focus on quality and quantity. ​Those are the first two.

Quality means that you ditch the junk, and focus on vibrant, living foods that help you feel and look fabulous. If you say you want to lose weight, and you have reasons and concerns that are compelling to you, be honest about the things that have no place in a get healthy/get slender approach to food choices. One of my clients tried to eat M&M’s and then finally realized that he just had to give up the junk and eventually broke free.

Quantity means that you never, ever stuff yourself. This habit has no place in a get healthy/get slender lifestyle. Stop when you are comfortable and satisfied. Pause, breathe, and feel your stomach.

​The​ third piece is movement. 

​Shake your booty. Your body is designed to move. It is also critical in terms of keeping the furnace turned on and burning fat. Picking whole fruits and veggies instead of junk or heavy fats, oils, and sugars, plus remaining mindful of taking in reasonable quantities, plus getting out of your seat and moving around will add up to results with which you can live and thrive.

​Remember to love your body every day and get your body to love you back.​

What Are You Afraid Of?

​As a health coach I meet people on a regular basis who say that they are afraid to tackle their health.

The main reason I hear is fear.

Fear of having to give something up.

Fear of change.

Fear of failure.

Fear of it being too difficult.

On today’s health hack I have a few questions for you to help you overcome this fear if this is something with which you can relate.

First, what are you afraid of? It helps to name it. For instance, you may be afraid of finding out that you have to give up ice cream in order to achieve your goals. It may be that you fear falling back into old habits and not achieving your goals again. Just say whatever it is.

Next, what would you accomplish if you could not fail? What is so freaking important to you that you will move ahead no matter what? What compels you to make some adjustments so that your body feels better and you know you are healthier? Just say whatever it is.

Next, why now? If you knew for certainty that putting off taking care of yourself until another day is a dangerous plan, state whatever it is that helps you see why and how now is the best time to start. You know and I know that your mind will find countless reasons and excuses to wait to lose weight, start exercising, or reduce your cholesterol, but for now pick the reasons that empower you to move forward.

Getting on track and staying on track is a combination of a variety of factors. Asking yourself these questions in order for you to get behind you will equip and empower you to make good choices today, tomorrow and for a long time to come.

Remember to love your body every day and get your body to love you back.​

​Getting Support

​Today’s health hack is about getting support for your health goals.

This includes letting the people with whom you live and work know what your intentions are and allowing them to help you achieve your goals.

This also includes setting limits in cases where others may be in the way for you to move forward on your wellness pathway. This can look like asking your spouse to please not bring home chunky monkey ice cream or whatever it is that is too tempting to have in the house.

It can look like having a walking buddy who will hit the trail with you no matter what.

Many of my clients discovered that they must ask their partners to refrain from making critical remarks about their bodies and food choices as they are in the process of working to improve.

Getting support might mean putting distance between you and someone who is part of the former you, when you were struggling with neglecting your body and taking in good nutrition. If someone is not ready, able, or willing to be part of your new commitment to your health, you might need to spend less time with this person and finding others who will not stand in your way.

Who in your life is on board to help you achieve your goals and who is not? 

Your commitment and goals are so very important. You are not on this journey alone and you deserve to have people who want for you what you want for yourself. If it is time to spend less time with your drinking buddies and connect with people who want to hike instead, so be it.

Remember to love your body every day and get your body to love you back.​

​Health Matters and so do you!

Rosie Bank is a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, the founder of Health Matters Coaching, and the author of the book Health Matters

Rosie also holds these qualifications:

  • Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Certification in Plant Based Nutrition by The Center for Nutrition Studies (e-Cornell). 
  • Nutrition and Wellness Consultant certification through the American Fitness Professionals Association.
  • Nutrition Advisor through Sanoviv Medical Institute.
  • Advanced Rolfer, Rolf Movement Educator
  • Graduate Iyengar Yoga Institute

Rosie ​founded The Vitality Club in Brentwood, CA in 2018.

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