Announcement today: Save $200 by sharing a room. That’s a total of $400 saving per couple! One room left!

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Imagine. Six days of peace, serenity, gorgeous settings, three delicious meals and healthy snacks, massage, seaweed wrap, facials, meditation, yoga, detox, water fitness… Sounds like heaven. Sanoviv is heaven on earth!

Drum roll please. Announcing…

May 6th – 11th, 2017 Sanoviv Retreat

The price is phenomenal and spots are available on a first come, first served basis. They told us at Sanoviv, “This week will sell out fast!”  How’s that for excitement!

New to Sanoviv? Check out Sanoviv Facebook page, Sanoviv Medical Institute, or visit the Sanoviv website.

Sanoviv is often described as life-changing. I’ve been three times and believe that the experience lasts for a very long time. I should say by way of disclaimer, almost everyone who goes loves to return, often numerous times.

You’ll have the chance to fully detox at this world-renowned hospital, participate in daily health lectures and attend evening sessions with my co-leaders, Patti and Dr. Peter Rugg, and myself. You’ll also have the option to receive your Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor Certificate for participating in Sanoviv nutrition classes with the lovely and highly intelligent Sue Ward. (This is optional, but recommended.)

Click here for for information about the retreat.

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A Typical Daily Schedule At Sanoviv:

sanoviv-2Everything is optional–you are meant to enjoy your time.

  • rise with the sun
  • jump on your cellerciser that is in your room overlooking the ocean. (I have one, use it daily and love it!)
  • enjoy a rock on the chi machine in your room. (Again, I have one, use it often, and swear by it!)
  • organic wheat grass shot
  • meditation or laughter yoga
  • a light walk or reading
  • a delicious organic healthy breakfast
  • bioenergy therapy
  • pool time with green juice
  • a delicious organic lunch
  • health and nutrition lecture
  • more pool time or time with your retreat-mates
  • massage
  • yummy organic dinner
  • evening tea and / or fresh coconut water
  • self-reflection sessions with yours truly, Rosie, Patti, Peter Rugg, and Sue Ward (I have experienced Patti, Peter and Susan’s work personally. They are exceptional in their field. They are also among the most genuine and warmest people you would ever want to meet!)
  • sunset meditation, reading or personal time
  • drift off to sleep to the sound of the ocean

sanoviv-3The next day: repeat! 🙂

You will have a lot of free time on this retreat to rest and relax. This is a full detox, including your electronic devices. There is no wifi at Sanoviv–on purpose! You are encouraged to lounge by the pool, read, walk, meditate and feel the peace of no electronic devices. Your friends and family will have the front desk number for emergencies, and there is a computer lounge where you can access a Sanoviv computer to send an email if needed.

What’s Included:

Health Assessments 

  • Bioimpedance Analysis & Review
  • Stress & Relaxation Measurement
  • Microscopic Blood Analysis

Individual Spa & Therapies 

  • Reflexology
  • Swedish Massage
  • Sense Facial
  • Bioenergy Therapy

Group Classes 

  • Meditation
  • Uncook Your Lunch – Food Prep
  • Evening Presentations & Lectures Energy Medicine
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Water Fitness
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Dental Lecture
  • Breathing & Relaxation Lecture

Educational Training

  • Group Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Personal Development Seminars with Patti, Peter, and yours truly
  • Nutrition Advisor Training (5-hours)
  • Pro-health and lifestyle Tips You Can Implement Immediately
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of Sanoviv

Click here for for information about the retreat.

Click here to make a reservation.

Please contact me if you have any  questions. I will have copies of my new book, Health Matters available for purchase and for me sign.

I would jump for joy to spend this time with you! Your body will love you back for this heaven-on-earth experience.

Hope to see you in Baja, California in May of 2017. If you are intent to go, you better sign up while there is still room.




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