#2 Roadmap for Vibrant Health

In my first episode, I talked about the gateway strategy for kick-starting your process to getting healthier – Loving Yourself First.

In this episode, I will introduce you to a system for keeping yourself on the road for optimal, vibrant health.  I call it the Roadmap for Vibrant Health. Plus, download Roadmap to Vibrant Health Tracker.


The components are easy to remember as N-E-S-S (borrowed from Dr. Brent Bauer of the Mayo Clinic Department of Integrative Medicine).The letters in N-E-S-S stand for Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, and Support.

I’ll explain each of these areas and show you how to identify the ones where you will get the most results, and how to make the small but necessary adjustments to get those results quickly.

I’ll also help you to formulate an answer to this most important question: What doors would open for you when you love how you look and you love how you feel.

Because this is process that unfolds over time, I’m excited to give you a freebie that you can use to track your progress along the roadmap route.  It’s called the Roadmap to Vibrant Health Tracker.

E2 Download Image

My goal is to inspire you to begin to dismantle any and all resistance that stands between you and getting the results you want in your body’s shape, size, and energy level.

I’m excited for you to start your journey to vibrant, optimal health.

Links mentioned in this episode
The Science of Integrative Medicine (Dr. Brent Bauer)
The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

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