Health Matters Coaching is a service and product based business. As the provider of the Health Matters Coaching, Rosie Bank will never diagnose any medical issue or disease. Nor will she interfere with any doctor-prescribed protocol, procedure, medication, etc. None of her recommendations will represent medical care in any way.

All clients who receive sessions through Health Matters Coaching are expected to hold harmless any of the recommendations made by the Coach. All Health Matters Coaching suggestions are for the purpose of promoting wellness and are by nature benign.

Clients are expected to pay for their Health Matters Coaching sessions as spelled out in the Details of Health Coaching available for download on the Coaching page.

In the case of a missed appointment that is not an emergency, the client will be billed for the “no-show” or the amount will be debited from the pre-paid account. For emergencies, this is waived. Cancellations are to be made five business hours prior to a scheduled appointment in order not to incur a fee.

Each client may request moving an appointment via email, text, phone or the scheduling page for her or his convenience. Rosie will accommodate each request to her best ability. There is no fee for an appointment that is moved if the request is handled responsibly.

Each client is expected to participate actively in the Health Matters Coaching process in order to maximize her or his benefits and in order for her or him to be fully responsible for the outcome.

For the products available through Health Matters Coaching (books, nutritional items), there is no fee to the Coach for providing information about the benefits and purchase of these products.

The cancellation policy and guarantee are spelled out in the Details of Health Matters Coaching. If you choose to discontinue your health coaching series, your money will be returned for the amount of sessions you have had on a pro rata basis, minus a $75 processing fee.

Your results are important to your Coach. If you do your part (agree to be 100% trainable and compliant) and if you are not 100% satisfied with the results you get, your money will be refunded minus $75 for admin.