#9 Personal Growth and Your Health

Connect the dots.

Making your health a priority supports your evolution in a variety of areas of your life.

Focusing on your personal growth enables you to make necessary adjustments in your health.

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I came up with several areas where you can put your attention. In doing so, you can invite your body to meet higher standards by which you want to live your life and express yourself.

Based on my experience, focusing on your health brings enormous value to you as a person. You express your belief in your own worthiness when you make taking care of your body a priority.

For example, do you honor your body with whole, fresh food, but not too much? Or do you trash your body with chemicals and poisonous substances like excess alcohol and sugar? Do you express your appreciation for your body by moving, breathing, stretching, and getting a good sweat? Or do you ignore your body’s need for movement and leave yourself discarded at your desk or on the couch?

Do you see how it is connected… namely that when you take care of you, you express what can be your greatest value? That as you grow personally, your body and your health are honored?

Whether you decide to work on yourself and as a result, focus on your health, or you decide to focus on your health and as a result your sense of yourself improves… either way, all roads lead to the connection between your state of wellness and your process of personal development.

I really believe you will see your life soar by addressing these areas.
Even twenty minutes per day will get your on the right track.

<Get the Personal Growth and Your Health Worksheet here>


Here are the topics I broached on Health Matters Podcast Episode 9:

  1. Preoccupation with food
  2. Identifying your Why (personal motivator) as being important enough
  3. Self-regard, self-worth
  4. Recovering from woundedness in order to honor your body
  5. Living a bigger life, free from the undercurrent of addiction


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The MindBody Code by Mario Martinez, PsyD
www.HealthMattersBook.com for a collection of pro-health strategies to help you get and stay healthy, energetic, and slender.

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