Every time I turn around, someone is preaching the benefits of stretching ourselves in order to grow. As recently as today, my good friend Kathy told me that Jim Rohn once said,

“Every time we choose to do less then we could this error in judgment has an effect on our self-confidence. Repeated every day we soon find ourselves not doing less than we should but also being less than we could. The cumulative effect of this error in our judgment can be devastating. Fortunately it is easy to reverse.”

Currently, in our culture, it seems that to be comfortable outside of our comfort zone is the rule of the day. Admitting that you live in your comfort zone might be like getting caught with spinach in your teeth.

There is something I know to be true about people who do hang out outside of their comfort zone: it is often overwhelming. Growing and stretching can be like zapping your nervous system. As recently as… gee, today, I had the experience of having my insides living on my outsides because I had taken on a new challenge at work. (spoiler alert: podcasts coming, Goddess willing.)

Since my life’s work is about leading people to be healthier, happier, and more vibrant, and to have more peace and confidence regarding their bodies, I’d like to take this philosophy and connect it to you. In particular,

  • how you live every day in your uniquely human body
  • how you take care of yourself (or not)
  • and the choices you make

Here is what I know to be true. If you are a busy professional and you are stressed about things like inflammation, excess weight, not having time to exercise, dependency on caffeine, sleep deprivation… you are already overwhelmed. I’m not really the bearer of bad news, right? Didn’t you already know this

I am going to ask you to do something counter-intuitive, and possibly something that will push your buttons like crazy. Trade the things you are currently overwhelmed with for things that might (temporarily) overwhelm you and that are actually good for your health. I will explain with a couple of examples, and also show you what’s in it for you.

Let’s use exercise as an example. Let’s say that you find it difficult to make regular exercise a habit. And let’s say that this is because you are “too busy.” Or perhaps because your body hurts. Well, if you disciplined yourself to go for a walk, or a bike ride, or to take a yoga class, your feeling of being overwhelmed would be mitigated because now you have more energy, more feel-good endorphins, possibly less pain, and a brighter outlook on those other demands you face on a regular basis. You don’t carve out time to get your body moving because it is easy or convenient. In fact, it might seem overwhelming. But you do it because you understand the benefit to you for trading one overwhelmed experience for another. (My coaching clients and I will swear by this formula. It feels bad to be overwhelmed. It feels good to be refreshed, energized, and clear-headed.)

HealthyMixer_FosterCity_June2016One more example. Let’s say that making time for nutritious food is challenging. Perhaps you get fast food or carry-out on a regular basis, even though you wish you could make time to purchase ingredients for a fresh salad, or a smoothie at home. You would do that… but it feels too overwhelming. According to Prevention Magazine, people who eat more veggies are happier! Drinking a green drink can boost your mood. Soooo, I’m thinking… doesn’t it make sense to be overwhelmed by making time to purchase and prepare pro-health food, because when you eat it, your body will support you better in accomplishing those other demands.

So get overwhelmed! Pick your overwhelment. Make sure that it is in line with how you want to look, feel, and produce every day. And guess what! The veggies, yoga class, bike ride and other new habits you adopt won’t seem overwhelming for very long. Then you know you will have arrived!

With love and encouragement,

Rosie Bank is Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the founder of Health Matters Coaching. She is the author of the book, Health Matters. Rosie is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is certified by The Center for Nutrition Studies (e-Cornell) in Plant Based Nutrition. Rosie is an international speaker, blogger, and the founder of Health Matters podcast. She is certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant through the American Fitness Professional Association and as a Nutrition Advisor through Sanoviv Medical Institute. Rosie founded The Vitality Club in Brentwood, CA in 2018.

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