I'm sharing some information with you to help you ​learn about immune-protection supplements to give your body a boost. What you will learn in this short article is that supplements can help at a time when you want to provide your body with an abundance of immune protection. 

I've been a consumer of and distributor for products made by USANA Health Sciences since 1999. Although I became relatively inactive from a business perspective around 2015, many of my customers have faithfully continued to take the products to this day. During this time, my husband and I have also continued to consume the products daily.

My excellent health is the result of a number of ways I take really good care of myself. The supplements are part of ​our healthy lifestyle ​which includes other equally important aspects for boosting immunity. (I recently blogged about boosting our immunity.)

Considering the Coronavirus, I have decided to come out of retirement in order to provide guidance to those looking for immune protection through supplementation.

Here is ​my very long story made bite-size:

I ​have spent over twenty years learning about supplementation through professional trainings, reading, and my own experience. I understand how and why all nutritional products are not made the same, why pharmaceutical-grade makes a real difference, the role of supplements alongside of a nutrient-dense healthy diet, and the role of various micro-nutrients in bolstering your immune system. We all need vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.

In some cases, we can get what we need from food. In all cases, supplementing gives us an extra layer of protection.

I know the company and the products well. To learn more, visit the USANA website.

As a Health Coach, I believe that our first line of defense comes from food. And given the current​ Coronavirus pandemic I believe it is my responsibility to once again help people obtain quality products.

My recommendations are on my website, including the products that we take in my family.

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Sending air kisses and elbow bumps. ❤


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