Next Meal Course

Where Is Your Next Meal Coming From?

Break free from the shackles of dieting, confusion, stress around food, and poor eating habits.

Six Lesson Video Course
Available 24/7
Watch in the comfort of your home or office
by Rosie Bank
Health Matters Coaching

Get an 'on-ramp' to a life of fantastic food that helps you feel and look fabulous.

Get relief from feeling crazy and out of control around food.

Learn what, when, and how to prepare delicious food that is good for your health and helps you feel on track.

Planning, purchasing, preparing, and enjoying food that is good for your body can be a challenge.

Instead of struggling with what, when, and how to eat food that does nothing for your health (and may even put you at risk), let Rosie show you a better way.

This course will teach you a sustainable path. You will find more delight and enjoy greater results as you continue to practice. And you don't have to be perfect!

Click to contact Rosie. She will provide instructions for you to complete your enrollment and gain access to the course.


  • You want more good food that is also healthy.
  • You've been cooking for an army (your family) and need to overcome resistance to being in your kitchen.
  • You feel stuck craving foods that make you look and feel crummy.
  • You are 55+ and know you can't keep eating like this (without something bad happening). 
  • You are tired of feeling overwhelmed and confused by conflicting information about which foods are good and which are bad for your health.
  • You are sick and tired of dieting.
  • You crave being in control and feeling relief around food, what you eat, your health, and your weight.

Course Description

Six Video Lessons, with downloadable audio and slide decks.
Plus Bonuses!

Lesson 1:  What's The Big Buzz About Plants?

  • The secret life of plant-eaters and what you need to know
  • How to say "screw it" to dieting and enjoy the non-diet diet
  • Super food truths and myths (What you really need to know - your quick start guide.)

Lesson 2:  Ditch Confusion and Misery ... Eat with Confidence and Joy

  • Why even the top docs encourage you to find your reasons for getting and staying healthy
  • Quit going crazy around food (Learn to go sane instead.)
  • Fall in love with food that heals your body more than medicine

Lesson 3:  Your New Path to Better Eating

  • How to eat more and lose weight (Really!)
  • The ABC’s of antioxidants... why your body hungers for them and how to get them (Without busting your wallet)
  • What is 'comfortably satisfied'? (And why it's a bazillion times better than feeling stuffed)

Lesson 4:  Heavenly Foods That Are Easy, Nutritious, and Delicious

  • Make healthy and delicious food for your family without feeling like it's a part time job (Even if you’ve always thought you don’t know how or don’t have time.)
  • Translate nutrition labels into what's good for your body (Ignore misleading information from marketers and manufacturers)
  • Learn to plan ahead and make shopping lists to save your sanity (Discover key ingredients to have on hand to make food prep easy)
Lesson 5:  Stay On Course Food-wise Even When You're Not At Home        
  • Never fear going to a restaurant, attending a dinner party, or going to a buffet (Enjoy food socially without packing on the pounds.)
  • How to travel and not gain weigh (Even when you are tempted by the menu and well-meaning family.)
  • How to eat wedding cake (or any of your favorite foods) and not feel guilty
Lesson 6:  Healing Your Body.  Balancing Your Life.
  • Say goodbye to deprivation, calorie counting, expensive meal plans, and other things you hate about dieting
  • Use your brain to quit stressing about food (Don't worry, eat happy.)
  • How to fire up your neural transmitters that heal (And eliminate cravings for bad foods)
  • What's the big deal with mindful eating, and why you must learn to do this.

Click to contact Rosie. She will provide instructions for you to complete your enrollment and gain access to the course.


1. Intermittent Fasting (60-minute video class)

  • Enable losing weight and belly fat
  • Improve gut issues
  • Learn to manage hunger and energy
        ($150 value)

2. Ultimate Guide to Self Love and Forgiveness (Video)

  • Loving Yourself First is foundations to your enjoying great health
        ($29 value)

3. Ten-Ten-Ten PDF

  • Twenty meal recipes (Two sets: Ten with animal products and Ten vegan-style)
    • Can be made in under ten minutes
    • For under ten dollars for two people 
          ($79 value)

Better Than Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the course, here's what we'll do to help you get relief.

  • First, attend all of the sessions. 
  • Next, try at least three of the strategies. 
  • Then, email me within 30 days and tell me what happened.

I will bring out two last ditch tools, plus meet with you one-on-one to figure out what the issue is and help you get real relief.

Click to contact Rosie. She will provide instructions for you to complete your enrollment and gain access to the course.

Rosie Bank

Rosie is a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is certified through The Center for Nutrition at e-Cornell in Plant-Based Nutrition. Rosie works with individuals and groups, guiding and facilitating them to enjoy optimal health and vitality and to live with far greater confidence, peace, joy, balance, and freedom. 

Rosie teaches her clients how to eat food that is balanced and nourishing, She will inspire you to take excellent care of your body, mind, and soul. She is also certified through the American Fitness Professionals Association, and is a Sanoviv Nutrition and Health Advisor.

Her clients confirm that their lives are transformed when their health improves dramatically.

Rosie taught Optimal Nutrition through the San Mateo Adult School and the YMCA. She taught Unleash Your Health through Ohlone College in Fremont. Currently, Rosie is the founder of the Vitality Club at Trilogy at the Vineyards in Brentwood, CA, where she teaches members who are 55+ how to optimize their health and enjoy living and playing in their bodies.

Rosie is the author of HEALTH MATTERS, 52 Ways to Get Your Body To Love You Back, and Love How You Look and Feel After Fifty. She is also the author of four previous books on yoga, Rolfing (body therapy), and business.

She and her husband and business partner, Mark Waldman, play hard and work hard. They love sports, world travel, and living an adventurous life. Rosie loves to cook. She and Mark enjoy an all plant-based lifestyle. They have six adult off-spring between them, and two dogs, Dolly and Gus.

Rosie says, "My own life and health reflect what I have learned and the values to which I ascribe. I am on this earth to help others achieve the level of peace, health, and joy that I enjoy every day."