Let's talk about your mental health. The state of your mind is impacted by what you eat, whether or not you rest, your social connections, and even the thoughts that you think. Different kinds of food will effect your brain and will leave you naturally energized and optimistic, or depleted and exhausted.

​In the Health Matters System, we care all about your health, physical, mental, and spiritual. Although we have different parts, we are each one complete unique being.

​How do happiness and mindfulness impact your mental health?

​Feel better as you listen to ​this audio recording.  The transcripts are below.

Exercise Mindset

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​Experiencing happiness and mindfulness promotes peace and harmony​. This is essential for good mental health, and is central to the Health Matters System.

Unwind From Stress is the third Pillar of the System.


​A word about happiness.

First, it’s good for your health. Your endocrine and nervous systems thrive when you are happy. Basically that means that your hormones are balanced and positive feel-good messages are coming from your brain.

Happiness helps reduce inflammation in your body and definitely helps you have a better outlook when you encounter challenges or obstacles.

You may have to work on being happy. I do. This shows up when you find yourself inclined in a negative direction. You need to remember to focus on uplifting thoughts and to visualize a positive outcome.

Remembering what you are grateful for definitely resets your happy button. Steering your thoughts towards those that help you feel good about life is a habit worth practicing. On a given day, you might say to yourself that you remembered to be happy.

One more thing about being happy is to remember to avoid things that make you feel crummy. Remaining sedentary, loading up on junk and processed food, neglecting your sleep, and complaining are all examples of ways to keep yourself off the happy train.

When life seems challenging, practice self-care like resting and taking in excellent nutrition. This will bolster your mood and your ability to move forward feeling good about yourself and confident about your ability to help things turn out the way you want them to.

Remember to take good care of yourself. The world is a better place when you make your health a priority.

Remember to love your body every day and get your body to love you back. 

Health Matters and so do you!

​​Mental Health

​Let's talk about your mental health.

Taking care of your mind and body come about as a result of the choices you make throughout the day.

Become aware of your emotions.

Soothe yourself when you feel off, out of kilter, stressed, anxious, frustrated, or upset.

This will help you feel more in control of your state and more in touch with yourself. You don’t have to let these so-called negative emotions run amuck and take over.

There is nothing wrong with feeling off kilter, however, you can gently guide yourself to a more uplifted state. Pause, notice how you are feeling, and give yourself a few moments to breathe and relax. A few deep breaths will rewire your nervous system and help you unwind.

It is easier to get stuff done, interact with others, and feel good about yourself after you have paused in this way.

It is also good to have a few go-to strategies that you know will increase the feel-good sensations in your body and mind. Some examples are taking your dog for a walk, practicing mindfulness as you prepare a cup of tea, exchanging hugs with a loved one, exchanging gratitude with a loved one, or like I mentioned, simply closing your eyes and breathing.

Practicing self-soothing has health benefits. Reduce inflammation and switch from stress hormones to positive feel-good health-enhancing neuro-transmitters.

I think you will enjoy the self-empowerment as a result. These are good habits and worth practicing.

Remember to love your body every day and get your body to love you back. 

Health Matters and so do you!

Emotional Guidance System


​Today's health hack is about mindfulness.

When it comes to taking good care of your body and living with vitality, being aware and paying attention are essential.

Being mindful of your thoughts, sensations in your body, your breath, your emotions, and your food choices may sound like a lot of things to pay attention to, and indeed they are. However, by practicing putting your attention deliberately on each of these, you will get better.

One of my favorite words is 'cultivate' and it applies here beautifully. Since none of us is expected to be self-aware for every minute throughout the day, it is ideal to move toward practicing more and cultivating the ability to stay connected to these various parts that make up the whole of you.

It is helpful to even know what it is that you want to pay attention to. Here is the list again.

  • Your thoughts, which is what you tell yourself. 
  • Remaining positive and self-encouraging works wonders.
  • Your breath, coming in and out, to bring you into each moment.
  • Your emotions, knowing how you feel to guide you throughout the day.
  • And your food choices, definitely a big one. 

This is about being committed to healthy choices. As your attention flows, and mindfulness is cultivated, I bet you will grow to appreciate feeling connected to yourself throughout the day. Your health will reflect your state of mindfulness as you get better and better making this a regular habit.

Remember to love your body every day and get your body to love you back. 

Health Matters and so do you!

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