Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones. My 89 year old mother is my Valentine, as are my grown children, my dogs, and of course, my darling husband, Mark. One can’t have too many loving persons in their life.


Two things on this day of love.

  1. Keep your heart healthy. You do this by including some exercise and relaxation every day, or nearly every day. I notice more and more that routines and rituals are key to making exercise and relaxation something that is on your calendar every day. The key is finding what works for you and sticking with it regularly. Because I work from my home office, I can take off mid-day to do yoga, walk the dogs, and take a bike ride with my husband. But if you work in an office and you have a commute, finding what works for you is key.

Regular exercise strengthens your heart. It boosts your energy so that when you get back to work you can be more productive. One of my favorite times to tackle big projects is right after I get a hot sweaty work-out, followed by a refreshing shower. Your body will complain if you ignore it during the day. Your body will feel stiff, uncomfortable, lethargic, and tired if you don’t move. The fluids in your body, including all of the blood in your vessels, become more sluggish in the absence of movement. To be your best, to perform at your best, you must move.

Get our your calendar and actually figure out when is the best time for you to do some movement. Pick what is most enjoyable and also what is fairly easy to do. If you live in Colorado and you pick surfing on the ocean, you have made it impossible to get to your exercise on a regular basis. Work with your environment, the weather, your time and get it written down. And then get in the habit. (Decide once, execute over and over.)

2. Ask yourself, does this nourish me? This is a new way of thinking for many people. Nourishment? What’s that? Nourishment is like breast milk for a baby, or playing out doors for a kid, or getting a massage from your lover. It is whatever helps you thrive. When you are nourishing yourself, then you aren’t punishing yourself. Consider these as opposite. You punish your body when you eat too much processed food, when you deprive yourself of ample sleep, when you drink too much alcohol, when you block your feelings from those around you, when you keep yourself isolated and when you don’t move and breathe.

At the very least, do something to nourish your body every day. I mentioned getting a massage. That can really help quell stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. My husband and I love to take a hot tub together since that is incredibly relaxing. The warmth, the jets, and the moisture help lower blood pressure and prepares us for an excellent night sleep. Cooking at home, trying new healthy recipes, and sharing meals with friends is nourishing. (Pigging out on fast food, is not, by contrast. Letting your home or office become massively messy and dirty do not either. ) Getting your physical environment organized can help you feel very well-nourished. Drinking lemon and water in the morning does wonders for reducing thirst and dehydration. Overdosing on caffeine… not so nurturing. Actually ask yourself this question: Does this nourish me? If it does not, pick something that does.
B R E A T H E…

Love your body. Get your body to love you back. 


Rosie Bank, Health Coach to busy professionals


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