#1 Love Yourself First

I am so excited to launch the Health Matters podcast program. My mission is to inspire you to experience optimal health for life. Through the Health Matters System, I want to guide you to live with more freedom, more joy, greater health, and tremendous abundance.

In this inaugural podcast episode, I’ll explain why loving yourself first can be the first step in transforming your health. Why? Because we take good care of that which we cherish.

This distinction is so important and so fundamental to your total health – both physical and mental – that I’ll show you how to shift your inner voice from self-criticism to self-empowerment.

Your body will come to life when you stop being critical toward yourself and start to become your own best encourager.

I invite you to start on this journey to improving your health. Not just for more productivity, but to enjoy a more joyful and peaceful life.

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