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I went with my mother to her gym today. She said to me, “Go talk with Sylvia. She is you in fifty years.”

I saw the future today, and I loved it.

Sylvia is 92 years young. She was just coming out of the hot tub when we met. We chatted for about 20 minutes. Sylvia wrote a book when she was 62. She is launching a website and told me I could call or email any time. Her book is entitled Thin and Free and she is a health coach. I was utterly enthralled to have met someone whose eyes were as bright and excited about her work as anyone I have ever met. She said she loves her one on one work with clients the most. The DVD she is producing is challenging to her. She wondered how she could change someone’s life without looking them in the eye. That is her intention on her upcoming DVD — namely to be as effective with the listeners as when she is speaking to someone in person.

In network marketing we talk about beginning with the end in mind. And for most of us that involves a life of leisure and retirement. There is nothing wrong with that, or course. And here is what I realized when talking with Sylvia.

How about this: Finding so much meaning and value in the work we do today, that it’s not about working so we can stop working. But doing what we do because we truly enjoy, in present time, this day, serving others and expressing our passion.

They say that the universe rewards us for serving others, doing work that we feel we are meant to do. I feel that way about what I do. Do you? How ironic, if you think about it. Working because we love it actually paves the way to work on our own terms in the future. And if we are blessed, when the future is now — as it was for me today talking with Sylvia — we might be really glad that we were happy in the making of it, not just in the arrival of it.

I just had to share.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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