#8 Knock It Off

I’m excited to talk with you about ‘Following the Five Rules’, as laid out in Mastering Leptin, by Byron Richards. This approach is systematic and will show you where you have room for improvement in your relationship with meals, quantity, frequency, and quality. The result may likely be a renewed and refreshed experience of weight loss, increased energy, and feeling more strategic in meal planning.


I loved reading Mastering Leptin for the third time. I get more out of it every time I read it. What is new now is that I am using the planning method as taught by Byron Richards with my clients. They love the results, and I hope you will too. From my own experience, the most dramatic thing I did to comply with his recommendations was to quit snacking. What I most enjoy about this (besides my slender waistline) is that I am really hungrier for dinner. Mark and I moved our dinner up since we gave up our afternoon snack. This was a huge habit for us before, namely eating something in the afternoon. We just gave it up. So no snacking plus earlier dinner equals nice fat burning. I describe it in this download.

The very best download I can give you is a description of the Five Rules, and then some tips on how to implement them. Be patient, and don’t give up. One of my clients had a breakthrough this week simply by realizing the extent to which his issue has been overfilling his stomach. We have been looking at that for the last couple of weeks. He finally decided to stare down this particular challenge and take control. He says that six pounds practically melted off his body. I think you can have similar results.


I really think this will be useful for you to start to plan your day and
your meals around these Five Rules. Do what you can and be
prepared for some adjustments.

Take your time working through this system. Give your body time to acclimate to a new approach around food, meals, snacking, etc. Continue to move, breathe, stretch, and sweat, because that is a requirement in order for your body to be a healthy, happy, lean, energetic fat-burning machine!


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