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Update - December 2019

This year, now 2019 (2020 in two days!) is ten years past the time when I wrote the original post below. Ten years! Why that is amazing to me is because of what a journey I have been on studying nutrition continuously and all that I have learned. I'd like to give you an update on kidney health and nutrition.

Frankly, I am blown away. Here's why: In 2010, when this article first appeared, I was mostly studying the impact of nutritional supplements on our health. This was an awesome education, and much of what I learned still impacts what I do for myself and teach my clients on a regular basis.

HOWEVER, and this is the mind-blowing part, back in 2010, my attention was more on supplements than on actual food. But the researchers in the article I linked below recommend the type of eating that has become central to my own practices and methodology professionally. Whole-foods, plant-based form the foundation of total body health. Last time I checked, the kidneys are part of our whole body!

Fast forward ten years, several significant training programs, a few key certifications, and my focus with my clients now is on what they eat... just like the researchers concluded. Eureka!

Here is a meaty article that links kidney health, diet, and gut health. Since gut health is a key component to the Health Matters System, you can check out the segment on healing your gut from my website.

By the way, if you have any questions about health, food, kidney health, healing your body, how to integrate nutrition into your life (even if you take pharmaceutical drugs)... I'd be happy to listen. I might have a few ideas for you, or can point you in the right direction.

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Here is the original blog - November 2010

Friends, I was particularly interested in this post because dramatic, life-changing improvement to my own kidney disease is one thing I have experienced since changing my nutrition. In fact, it happened fairly quickly. I cannot say that the USANA products cured me from kidney disease.

But I can say that after starting on the products, after a couple of months, my general health improved so dramatically, that the side-effect was complete relief from long-term, chronic kidney disease. And I have remained well since 1999. This significant change was one of the reasons why I began to study the USANA products and began to market them in earnest. Here is a very interesting article about kidney health and nutrition - Click here.

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This was me 10 years ago.

​This is me now!