business man and womanSince I work with busy professionals, I often hear how hard it is to keep up with the demands of work for someone with sluggish energy.

Recently I met and worked with two separate individuals. One is a general contractor, and the other is a journalist. They both own their own business and they both were looking for better health and better energy. One wanted to lose weight. Interestingly, they both said that they wanted to feel better, and they were both reluctant to put forth any effort and money, at first. They felt resigned, but also eager to make a change.

With both of them, we applied simple strategies that took effect immediately: way more water; some natural Melatonin to help with sleep; changing from no breakfast for one and a sugary breakfast for another to a low-glycemic breakfast; replacing junk food with nutritious mini-meal balanced bars; 30 minutes of walking each day; and high quality nutritional supplements. The water helps with detoxing and elimination; the melatonin helps to kick in healthy sleep patterns; the breakfast helps to jump-start the metabolism for burning calories and producing energy; the bars helped with energy and avoiding spikes and dips to the blood sugar; and the supplements aid with immune stimulation and reducing inflammation by providing antioxidant support (better health at the cellular level.)

Both of these professionals, independent of each other, reported to me that business was booming within just a couple of months. They both reported, again, independently, that they felt that their energy bounced back, they felt brighter and more alert, one in particular had lost about 10 pounds, and they both said that because they could handle the work, they were attracting more of it. The woman in particular, the one who lost the weight, told me that because now she can fit into her slender clothes, she felt so much better about herself, and it was showing up in her bottom line. Did their investment in their health pay off? Each said how happy they were with the tremendous return on a modest expenditure of time, money, and effort.

Does it pay to be healthy? You bet it does!

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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