​Learning to nurture your body and your soul with health-enhancing-food is the very essence of your overall health and vitality. Taking excellent care of your body includes healthy eating habits that nourish you down to each cell in your body. Are you practicing this?

Is there room for improvement? Are there ways that your eating habits compromise your health, rather than enhance how your body looks and feels? If so, join the club. That's the best thing about paying attention to the quality of food that we eat. There's always room for improvement.

Anyone and everyone who is is vectored toward improving their health ​can benefit from getting a handle on how, when, and what they eat. ​Food ​can be powerful medicine for our bodies, or it can be poison. Nutrition is a key word in helping you make choices that help you live and thrive.

Let us inspire you to eat nutritious food on this audio recording.  The transcripts are below.

Healthy Eating Habits

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​​Learning​ healthy eating habits to nourish your body and your soul is fundamental to your ability to achieve your health and weight goals, and to allay your concerns along the way. Here, all roads lead to learning how to use food for on-going​ and sustainable nourishment. 

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Eat Living Food

​Healthy eating habits are key. Today I want to encourage you ​to eat living foods. ​

Examples of foods that are alive are sprouts, veggies, and fruits. Foods like these grow up from the ground, they fall from the trees, and in the case of sprouts, can be grown in your kitchen.

Sprouts are my number one favorite living food. These super foods are so full of vitality that when you eat them, your whole body gets a mega dose of nutrition.

Living, whole food contains information that is processed by every cell in your body to perform at its best. This includes staying healthy and turning away from disease. Healthy eating habits definitely include consuming food like this. ​​

When you eat living foods you are inviting your body to become more alive because of the fuel you are putting inside of you. This does not happen with junk food or highly processed food, both of which are far from alive. 

You can grow sprouts or buy them from your local market. You can put them on just about anything that comes from your kitchen. Salads, soups, omelets, sandwiches – you name it. ​Healthy eating habits include whole, alive, fresh food like this is a love message from you to your body.

Remember to love your body every day and get your body to love you back. 

Nourishment and Nurturing

Today's topic is one of my favorites. ​You can practice healthy eating habits ​for a lifetime.

Knowing how to nourish and nurture your body is among the most significant keys to your staying on top of your health and vitality game.

One of my clients told me last night that he is learning not only what to eat, but how to eat. This came in the context of his deciding that he was worth it and that he deserved true nourishment.

In the old days, when I used to (past tense) trash my body with hideous amounts of junk food, I simply was not in touch with my own worthiness and why I deserved to give myself solid nourishment. I do now and I did what I am suggesting to you. Practice. Daily. Continuously. Sticking with healthy eating habits helps them become part of your life and lifestyle. This is why your health can continue to improve. 

Some examples of nourishing your body include eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, definitely avoiding highly processed junk food, getting regular refreshing and energizing exercise, making sleep a priority, and staying hydrated.

I suspect you have heard of all of these before, or at least I hope you have. Knowing about these pro-health habits is great. And what is even greater is that you become that person who is connected to your body, practicing these habits because you know that you deserve to be nourished and nurtured.

In this state you are not at risk to neglecting your body. Knowing that this is the only body you get keeps you connected and focused. This is part of your value system and who you are to the core. 

When it comes to taking exquisite care of your body and your health, it’s not because you have to. It’s because you get to! Healthy eating habits are your gift to your body. 

For those of you who are like me, and you always want to learn more, check out this video on the best foods to eat when you practice healthy eating habits. ​ (It's from ​www.NutritionFacts.org).

Remember to love your body every day and get your body to love you back. 


​Today's health hack is about your body and hunger. When you practice healthy eating habits, you will become more aware of both hunger as well as satiety.

Sadly, some people don’t recognize hunger. The sensation of hunger is a natural biological signal from our bodies. It guides us toward providing nourishment to our bodies. It is as natural as the fuel indicator on your car letting you know that you need to put gas in your tank.

The other great thing about hunger is how good food tastes when you eat. I love feeling hungry especially if it has been a while since I have eaten.

Some reasons why people do not experience hunger is because they either ignore it, they avoid it, or they never stop eating and snacking long enough for it to occur.

Ignoring hunger signals does not keep you connected to this beautiful body of yours, knowing that it is time to feed yourself.

Avoiding it makes no sense since it is normal and healthy to experience hunger after a few hours have passed since the last time you ate.

And giving your body time to go through the entire cycle of digestion between meals is excellent for the hormones that guide you to know when you are empty and when you are getting full.

Your call to action for today is to recognize what hunger feels like. Experience it for at least a few minutes before you put food in your mouth and stomach. It is one of those body-based sensations that has plenty of information in it to guide you to make good choices throughout the day.

Remember to love your body every day and get your body to love you back. 

Health Matters and so do you!

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