Heads up health coaches and fitness professionals. I hope to inspire you with an idea that could take your business and your ability to serve your clients to the next level.

As one who has written over hundreds of blog posts (all on health/nutrition, business, leadership, and self-development/achievement) I am as excited about this as anything I have written. This idea hit me like a thunderbolt when I realized that a trend was happening before my very eyes.

Let’s say that you are like me, and you have received one or more certifications in your field. Let’s say that you see clients one on one. You may offer webinars, speak or teach in front of groups, and blog. Perhaps you have written one or more books or e-Books. You are working diligently to help your clients and make the world a healthier and happier place.

You are out in the world with a message and a desire to influence others to make better choices and get measurable results in their lives and their bodies. Isn’t that what we do as coaches

What if you found a company and a product line that was philosophically aligned with your core beliefs? What if you could offer those products ethically and responsibly to your clients? There are some distinct benefits not only to you, but to your clients as well.

  1. I have heard this from dozens of fellow coaches. I am tired of sending my clients to a nearby store to get products, and not getting paid for these recommendations. You can own the store! That is what it means to be a distributor with a direct marketing company. Put those proceeds in your pocket. You can vouch for the quality of these products, too.

  2. Many people come to direct marketing because it is a powerful way to make money. Who says you have to make a toNutrisearch comparative guiden of money to make it worthwhile? Playing at that level is not for everyone. You can make some money. But most importantly, you can make responsible, informed recommendations to your clients because you did your homework and you chose wisely. This is another way to serve, thus making you better-rounded and more valuable in the market place. Because your recommendations come from your own due diligence, you bring more to the table to help others.

  3. An excellent direct marketing company with quality products will offer reliable entrepreneurial training. You may be an expert in health and wellness, but perhaps you could learn more about being a successful business woman or business man. The leadership development is part of the package and represents another whole aspect of benefit to you in serving your clients.Team Building

  4. Three things about money: multiple streams of income is a very smart thing to have. Especially when you don’t have to leave your turf if you want to earn more. Residual income means that you can get paid over and over, like when your clients love the products you market and order them repeatedly. Leveraged income represents your being paid beyond your own efforts. (This will change your life forever. You can get paid when you are working, playing, resting, or if there is a lull in your practice.)

  5. Being in the conversation and part of a community means that you now have a very large family of like-minded healIINth advocates from whom you can learn, where you can find your voice and make significant contributions, and from whom you can get inspiration, mentoring, and encouragement.

  6. This is among the best benefits of all. Many people do not want the services of a health coach, as in a for-fee relationship. But they do want recommendations from someone whom they can trust when it comes to nutritional products. Who better to trust than a certified, trained, professional health coach? I trust my financial planner to make recommendations for ways to invest my money. I do not need to dID-10071122o all of the research. Same goes here. People want products that they can trust, and most of them do not want or know how to go through all of the information available. What a beautiful way to serve our clients!

This week I learned that three of the top-earners in my company were pursuing the same advanced nutritional certification as I am. These smart, savvy, prosperous business people understand that the more prepared we are to serve others, the better positioned we are to get rewarded financially and to distinguish ourselves professionally. We understand that having an excellent product plus nutritional and coaching training is a match made in heaven.


Can you see why I was so excited to share this? Some of you may have your lives, your practices, and your finances transformed forever for acting on this information.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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