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​Health Resources

​​Hey, glad you found this page.  ​My team and I have created a substantial library of health resources with the goal of helping you get on track and stay on track health-wise in as many ways as possible. ​Scroll down to ​see the resources - ​a ​feature article, over 250 blog articles, ​20+ podcasts, short "health hack", audios, books, and online courses. 

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Don't Catch What Your Parents Had
​(Featured Article)

Do you ever wonder if you will catch what your parents had?

If almost everyone in your family had diabetes or heart disease, do you think you will inherit that from your parents and grandparents?

Do you regard your future health as inevitable, as if you and your body are destined to play out the same scenario, to suffer the same fate as those who came before you?

If so, think again.

This article is about lifestyle, epigenetics, genetic expression, personal choices, and how you are more in control than you may have realized previously. 

If you fear that you are headed to catch what your parents had, this information may be able to help you jump the track and vector yourself in another direction.

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​Other Health Resources


​Weight, sleep, energy, nutrition, food, rest, meditation, sleep, movement, exercise, healthy gut and pooping, plant-based diet, breathing, mindful eating, self and body love... We've got you covered!

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Health Matters Podcast

From self-and-body-love to overcoming too much stress ... check out our podcast for life and health-enhancing guidelines from Rosie and her interviewees. 

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Health Hacks

Health Hacks are 1-2 minute bursts of inspiration to remind you to take care of yourself during your busy day. Something as simple as a shift in your mindset can brighten your outlook and help you stay focused.

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Eat Nutritious Food by Rosie Bank

​Books by Rosie

Health Matters

52 Ways to Get Your Body to Love You Back

​Create abundant energy, vitality, and lasting transformation one week at a time. Rosie will be with you for a year. It takes time to get your body into a whole new state. Learn strategies that are simple, powerful, and that work synergistically ​. Unlike quickie approaches, this book will show you how to incorporate a new level of health and vitality for decades to come.  $27.95

​Bodies, Health and Consciousness

A Guide to Living In Your Body Through Rolfing and Yoga

Rosie Bank's Second Published Book by Health Matters Coaching

​Rolfing and yoga are complimentary disciplines. Both will teach you how to enjoy the energy, relief, and confidence that come from having your body aligned. In this book, Advanced Certified Rolfer and Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Rosie Bank, will show you how to unwind from strain pattern and feel far freer in your body. $24.97

Online Courses

Unwind From Stress

Enjoy peace, calm, and increased vitality in the middle of your busy life.

​Six video lessons, over 5 1/2 hours of video.

​Got stress? This online course might be your new best friend. Learn the most significant ways for you to get relief in the parts of your life where it makes the most difference. Food, rest, weight, exhaustion, emotions, your brain, not enough time, other people -- all the ways you get stressed out ​-- are covered in this comprehensive and practical course.
$97 (includes lifetime access.)

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