asleep at workThe more I learn about the interaction between our energy level, our health, our weight, and our ability to ward off stress, the more I understand that these components are inextricably connected. To experience optimal health implies that we have reliable consistent energy, that our body finds its ideal weight without dieting, and that we are preventing stress from building by making time to rest, exercise, breathe, and relax.

Said inversely, it is unlikely that we would feel fabulous and enjoying plenty of energy if, let’s say, the stress is hitting the fan and we have not managed the chronic overwhelment in our lives. Throw in the perception of not enough time? and often the first thing that goes is personal down time to stretch, exercise, and prepare nutritious food. A recent study revealed that only 20% of those working in corporate America actually actually take a lunch break away from their desks.

Here are three ways to look at the interactive connection between health, energy, weight, and living harmoniously.

  1. Stress management? is often what people think about when they feel challenged by the demands of their work, families, juggling finances, and more. It is technically true that we must manage our stress, but there is a much more effective way of thinking about this. Consider creating ways to rest, relax, and unwind. Taking a walk during which you breathe, quiet your mind, swing your arms, and get moist with perspiration will add feel-good, energy-producing hormones into your body. Seeking ways to feel better naturally simply because you deserve it throughout the day will benefit all aspects of your health.
  2. Some foods will compromise your health, your energy level and your weight. Others will enhance your health, your energy level, and your weight. The choice is yours. The best place to start with your meal and snack choices is to do what you know is good for you. Not because you are denying yourself guilty pleasures. But because you know that making those healthy choices comes from knowing that you are worth it. Making one substitution per month is a very reasonable approach. Imagine, after twelve months, you can enjoy much more radiant health, and enjoy a slimmer more energetic you. Some of my clients? favorite strategies, and ones that I practice and endorse as well include:
    1. Drinking filtered or purified water throughout the day, continuously. If you are fond of diet sodas, this one shift will alter your body chemistry in ways that are pleasantly noticeable to you fairly quickly.
    2. Selecting fruits and veggies as part of every meal and snack. If you are at work all day, you can easily take some washed and cut up celery or bell pepper strips in a baggy. The antioxidants, micronutrients and fiber will make your cells smile like happy faces.
    3. The more commercial meat you eliminate the better. From the perspective of your heart, health-promotion (disease prevention), digestion and elimination, selecting other forms of protein will give your body a much better shot at longevity. If you are unwilling to give up meat, selecting grass fed beef or organic beef is much better because of the use of far fewer antibiotics, hormones, and chemical pesticides. These chemicals have no place in our bodies if we desire optimal health.
    4. You really should not be dieting if you want to feel great and lose weight. Diets are not sustainable. As soon as you start a diet, you want to get off your diet. The consciousness that comes from making healthy choices that provide nourishment to your cells is a lifestyle. Select food that provide a balance of complex carbs (like from veggies, fruits, beans, and whole grains). In response to a regular supply of these naturally energy-producing health-enhancing foods, the fat burning mechanism is turned on in your body and the energy storage flick is switched as well.

Your body will love you for every ounce of effort you put forth to be healthy, energetic, naturally slim, and balanced. The more relaxation you experience, the more health-enhancing hormones flow through your body (and the fewer stress-induced hormones flow through your body). The presence of these healthy hormones informs our body’s intelligent systems to be well. This delicate balance can be disrupted by lack of sleep, quick unhealthy meals, addiction to coffee and caffeine, lack of exercise, and dehydration. Switch these around and you can enjoy all of the benefits for each little step that you put into place. You deserve to be healthy and well. You are worth it.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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