Health Coaching

Health Coaching

When I discovered the power of nutrition and a sustainable approach to living a vibrant life, I made a decision to pay this forward. I help you find what I found, and to enjoy the astonishing gift of consistent, reliable good health and vitality.

My commitment is to show you how you can live your best life by loving your body and getting your body to love you back.

​Why people ​work with me:

  • ​They are fed up with pesky weight and are desperate to lose it.
  • They are confused about and struggle with nutrition and feel overwhelmed to make good choices.
  • ​They don't want to rely on their doctor and just take medicine.
  • Their health is in jeopardy and they ​need guidance to make positive changes.
  • ​They struggle to make time to take care of themselves​ and not always put others first.

​From a current client:

​Before I signed on with Rosie for Health Coaching, my number one concern was that I’d be unable to change. I was very skeptical.
After enrolling, I saw new possibilities. I discovered that I actually was able to change.
One of my key take-aways is my new vision toward plant-based nutrition. A whole new world has opened to me. And I’m more open-minded.
If someone is on the fence, I’d say give coaching with Rosie a try. Working with Rosie has definitely improved my health. It has helped me be willing to try new things. One result I am enjoying is a calmer state in my life and being more open minded toward my health. This has made things clearer and put things in perspective for me.
I think over these last few months, I’ve become a healthier person, both physically, mentally, and I think spiritually.

​Meet Rosie
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Health Coaching

Everyone is different, so Health Coaching must be customized.

  • Some people “just” want a food plan to lose weight. 
  • Some want tips to improve their food choices, or learn how to go “plant-based.”
  • Others want to dive in and transform their lives, their bodies, and their health with practices that last a lifetime.

​There are four coaching packages (3-week miniseries, ten weeks, twenty weeks, and thirty weeks)​. Whether you have doubts and concerns and want to start off with a no-obligation-no-fee chat with Rosie, or you want to dive right into the deep end, Rosie will discuss your goals and concerns and help you decide which package is best for you. This all depends on what you want to achieve through Health Coaching. 

​Let's meet you where you are and discuss how and if Health Matters Coaching is for you.

​Have a chat with Rosie.
No cost and no obligation.

​I help people break free...

  • ​To fall in love with food that is good for them and have a food plan that works.
  • To feel confident that their bodies won’t conk out on them.
  • To overcome debilitating cravings and quit poisoning their bodies with toxic food and drink.
  • To breathe, meditate, relax, and enjoy more peace and harmony in their lives.
  • To learn and incorporate a variety of mindfulness practices, including mindful eating.
  • To achieve their ideal weight, shape and size without ridiculous dieting based on deprivation.
  • To provide nourishment, restorative sleep, and soothing to their overly stressed souls.
  • To detox and enjoy great digestion.
  • To reduce inflammation and not “catch” what their parents had.
  • "Upgrade" their mindset, enjoy positive self-talk, and quit beating themselves up.

Getting healthy and dismantling old habits and patterns is a journey, not a singular event.

I invite you to go on this journey together, with me as your coach, in your corner.

We can find where you will get the greatest return on modifying your approach to food, nutrition, sleep, managing stress, and carving out time to nurture yourself.

​Message from Coach Rosie

The cost of working with a Health Coach is offset by the likelihood of preventing something serious if you don’t make your health a priority now. A really good time to make your health a priority was about 25 years ago. The next best time is today. It is never too early to get started and it is always too late to wait. Invest in your health for a lifetime of dividends.

Health matters.

            ...and so do you!