Health Coaching

When I discovered the power of nutrition and a sustainable approach to living a vibrant life I made a decision to pay this forward. I help you find what I found, and to enjoy the astonishing gift of consistent, reliable good health and vitality.

My commitment is to show you how you can live your best life by loving your body and getting your body to love you back.


I help people break free. And…

  • To fall in love with food that is good for them.
  • To feel confident that their bodies won’t conk out on them.
  • To overcome debilitating cravings and quit poisoning their bodies with toxic food and drink.
  • To breathe, meditate, relax, and enjoy more peace and harmony in their lives.
  • To learn and incorporate a variety of mindfulness practices, including mindful eating.
  • To achieve their ideal shape and size without ridiculous dieting based on deprivation.
  • To provide nourishment, restorative sleep, and soothing to their overly stressed souls.
  • To detox and enjoy great digestion.
  • To reduce inflammation and not “catch” what their parents had.

Getting healthy and dismantling old habits and patterns is a journey, not a singular event. I invite you to go on this journey together, with me as your coach, in your corner. We can find where you will get the greatest return on modifying your approach to food, nutrition, sleep, managing stress, and carving out time to nurture yourself.

“Health Coaching is the best money I never had to spend.”

~ O Magazine

The cost of working with a Health Coach is offset by the likelihood of preventing something serious if you don’t make your health a priority now. A really good time to make your health a priority was about 25 years ago. The next best time is today. It is never too early to get started and it is always too late to wait. Invest in your health for a lifetime of dividends.

Health matters.

    …and so do you.

“Health is the real wealth, not pieces of gold.”

Mahatma Gandhi

To compliment my services as a Health Coach, I am able to provide my clients with access to quality nutritional and meal replacement products. The company whose products I recommend has been my partner since 1999, and I have been using and enjoying the products daily since then. I have had such tremendous benefit and so have many of my clients, family, and friends. To learn more, visit I am happy to discuss this with you further, and there is no fee to me for this consultation. Here is an excellent online health assessment to help you recognize which products can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

What Clients and Students Say about Working with Rosie:

“Rosie has shown me how to become very aware of why I am eating, and to determine if I am eating because I am hungry, pissed, off, or stressed. This has enabled me to get tremendous relief from emotional eating. She has helped me changed my relationship with food and my approach to eating. The result is a much better shape of my body.”

Kathy D'Mura, Mom, Grandmother, Business Woman

“Working with Rosie was the missing key to help me lose the extra weight I had been carrying around for years. Thank you Rosie for all you do. I have changed and become a better person in ways I could not have imagined.”

Isabel Hanohano, Mom, Business Woman

“Rosie Bank is a trustworthy and reliable partner in helping my patients. She coaches with a perfect blend of humor and authority. Regarding weight loss, Rosie offers expertise in all the different components. Her comprehensive approach to nutrition gives rather quick results; she has already helped a number of my patients increase their energy, improve their sleep, and lose weight. As a physician, I like that her approach is sustainable.”

Liz Lyster, MD

“I love how I look, and I’m happy about losing 10 pounds because that was one of my goals. But I feel so different. I now feel confident in who I am at my core.”

Emily Wishall