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Week # 27
Have a Pro-Healthy Splurge

This fits perfectly into the week after which you learned how to eat wedding cake. This time we celebrate with beautiful, pro-health, nutritious food that is good for you. If it is a new concept for you to consider, as an example, that a glass of freshly squeezed carrot, beet, cucumber, and mint juice as a treat, then you are in for a life-changing lesson.

asleep at workSo often we think to reward ourselves with treats that we have fooled ourselves into believing that we deserve. I’ve worked so long and hard this week, I deserve to go out for ice cream. I cleaned the entire house today. Let’s go out for pizza tonight. I deserve it. I am exhausted after taking both dogs to the animal hospital. Let’s have macaroni and cheese for dinner. Can you relate to this mind-set of doing something that it not good for you to help you overcome feeling stressed or tired? One of my clients just told me that in the past, when he did this, he felt worse. He posed this insightful question: Why do something that makes you feel bad when what you want is to feel better Now he chooses to splurge in ways that ensure that he does in fact feel better.

The beauty of a pro-healthy splurge is to condition your mind to realize that food that is good for you is a reward. I finished writing my book! Let’s celebrate by making a fresh salad from the veggies in our garden! My husband and I cleaned out the entire garage and got rid of a ton of junk! Let’s go to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow splurgemorning for those organic wild mushrooms and shitake burgers and cook them tomorrow night! “I completed my state board exams. Let’s find some fun new popsicle recipes!

Connect the dots. Celebrate with doing something that is really good for you. Why trash your body under the name of giving your body a treat? It is illogical.

I hope you are as excited about this profound shift in mindset as I am. If you could uncouple the reward = naughty treat connection in your mind and practice reward = something life and health-enhancing, your relationship with your body will never be the same.

Another way this manifests is in how the people you live and work with consider a splurge. If your team at work finishes a monster project, how do you celebrate. We are going to talk about your becoming a role model in a couple of weeks, but for now how would you like to influence your co-workers.

If someone in your family graduates or gets a promotion, do you go bake cookies, or do you suggest that you all meet for a hike outdoors and bring apples, peanut butter, and mixed organic nuts for picnic? One of my clients told me that he baked cookies for his son and wife to show his love. When he began to spend more time with them connecting and asking each other about their days, and he stopped making the cookies, he discovered that they were all actually happier.

Get creative. Why not ask others in your life what ideas they have for healthy splurging? An afternoon in the park chasing a ball and your dog (or kids) will benefit everybody more than a trip to the local ice cream parlor.

C’mon. Don’t you just love this?

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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