#7 Grazing vs Square Meals

Feeling confident knowing when and how much to eat will make a big difference for you. It’s like having a road map, so you don’t get lost.podcast-7-picture


I am very hopeful about this podcast episode for you. In the old days, I used to have no definition between my meals. It seemed like I started in the morning and used food throughout the day to distract myself, soothe over my emotions, and to give me energy because I was so depleted from eating so much junk food. That seems like another lifetime ago. Now, I am able to enjoy very satisfying meals, with an occasional afternoon snack before going out to exercise.

I mentioned a cool download I made for you, called How to Let Common Sense Dictate How Much and When You Eat. This is another cheat sheet for you to navigate your way around the whole when and how much to eat issue. It does not have to be complicated, or difficult. I created some guidelines for you that will help you get and stay on track. Please click below.


I really think that the download will be useful for you to figure out the best times to eat and how to stay out of the kitchen all day.

In this episode, I will explain to you why three very satisfying meals per day will help you look and feel better. An occasional healthy afternoon snack is great in case you can’t make it from lunch to dinner. The only rule is what works best for you. Learn how three square meals enables your body to burn fat and store energy.
I also point out that finding ways to stay out of the kitchen enables you to get more done, have more fun, and stay more focused. We busy professionals and parents need all the energy we can get. Learn how to get your body to perform better for you on Episode 7 of the Health Matters Podcast.

On a personal note, Mark and I will be offline starting the last week of September.  There will be a three week break between now and Episode 8 of the Health Matters Podcast. I don’t know what the next episode will be about. Maybe I’ll get some fresh ideas from our events during the break. Until next time, make smart choices!

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