Focus on Health

Yesterday I met someone named Sally. I asked her, Sally, how are you doing?? I was shocked by her answer. She said, I am doing great, but I was so sick last week!? And then she proceeded to tell me all about the flu she had in the past. Sally was not focusing on her health. Her flu had left her but she had not left her flu.

This led me to think about why someone would do this. And that led me to think about the benefits of focusing on our health and to share this as a recommendation.

  1. Ask? yourself what is the benefit to you for talking about being sick? Are you open to letting others (and yourself) know when you are feeling terrific? That positive energy would increase your attractor factor? and draw other positively focused people to you. This is especially true for you if you are in business or seeking employment or even a date.
  2. Might you feel better if you dwell on feeling good? You will always get more of what you are focused on. It felt to me like Sally was still tethered to her flu. The flu might have been in the past, but her connection to it might put her more at risk to a relapse, which often happens when people get a bug like that.
  3. Be mindful of your language. I hear someone chant over and over recently that he would not get sick this winter. Oh my goodness! That sounds like he is focusing on not getting sick, but there is the word in the equation. How about this? I expect to be well this entire winter. What a huge difference. (Bonus: notice if you call this the flu season. That sounds like you would be giving your health over to the power of the season.)
  4. There are always aspects of staying well that you can find to share with others. How about how much energy you had this morning? How about your pro-health choice for lunch or breakfast? How about getting a great night’s sleep? With a little intention on your part, there will be more and more aspects of being well that you can focus on. The more you focus on being well, the more well you will be. You can even plan on staying healthy into the future and share that with someone.

You always have a choice. You can think about having been sick and wanting to avoid getting sick which just puts sick? on your mind. Or you can focus on your health. The latter seems like such a good way to go to me. Try it. You just might love how you feel.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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