Today is August 11, 2016.

My blog space has been a little bit quiet lately because we have been laser focused on preparing for you, ta da!

I have moved into the world of podcast! As I learn how best to communicate with and continue to serve my audience of busy, stressed-out, often overweight professional people and parents, it became apparent that I needed to use my actual voice. Not just my “written voice.” I’ll continue to reach out to you through this medium as well. But do check out and tell me what you’d like for me to discuss.

I’ve got an important message for you. So important, that I’m sure that I’ll also be discussing it on the podcast.

I met with someone new yesterday. Like so many of you, her goal is weight loss. Nothing gimmicky. Nothing difficult, she wanted something simple and reasonable. We worked out a plan and she is now on board. If you want the details of this simple plan, let me know via email.

I came up with an analogy that I want to share with you today in my written voice. Imagine that you are driving from San Francisco to Chicago. This is a 32 hour, 2,132.3 mile journey via I-80 E. I think your car better be tuned up to take such a rigorous trip. You won’t arrive safely if you are out of fuel, if your tires are flat, if you shatter your front windshield or can’t see through it, and if you don’t have brakes that work.

LeaderSimilarly, let’s say that you want to advance in your career, be an excellent role model for your kids, and attract the kinds of people around you who will help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Here is a list of things that are like having a flat tire in your car. These things must be fixed in order for you to complete your journey called life.

1. Pigging out. I like to call it what it is. Stuffing yourself. Eating so much food that you feel awful afterwards. People who are successful in life, at work, and with their families, don’t hurt their bodies with so much food that they are rendered out of commission.

2. Binge eating. This is when you go insane around food, and eat, and eat, and eat, barely stopping to take a breath. This would be the opposite of mindful eating. It would be like chain smoking, or binging on alcohol. The reason why you need to fix this is because it suggests that something fundamental in your operating system needs to be reset in order for you to live a balanced and insane life. (The difference between binge eating and pigging out is that pigging out can occur over time. Binge eating tends to have a more focused intensity to it and can happen fast.)

3. Crashing energy. This one is like the empty tank of gas. The food you have eaten does not provide you with a sustained release of energy because it was not balanced or complete. It most likely contained too many carbs and perhaps not enough protein and fat.

4. Eating before going to bed. This one is like the broken brakes. You are heading toward an accident if you continually eat food at a time when your hormones are beginning to soothe you into sleep. Your body is designed to rest and restore when you are resting. If your body is digesting food while you are sleeping, you are not getting the best rest possible. This can set you up to have a stress response. The next day, you are more at risk to using food to bolster up your energy because you are not restored the night before.diets do not work

5. Radical diets, extreme diets, anything not sustainable. This one could be compared to driving on the sidewalk. They are both dangerous, and not part of a healthy and balanced approach to vitality and optimal weight. If you subject your body to something extreme, such as starvation or a gimmicky diet, your body will most likely either store fat, or rebel. The key is balance and sustainable. Nothing that you have to stop doing because it’s too radical. If you have been dieting before, along with the other 45 million American, you will know that there are some pretty kooky systems there. One popular one has specialty foods that are ridiculously expensive, and not at all balanced or nutritious.

Keep it simple, and focus on your lifestyle, healthy eating, and staying sane around food and nutrition. I am aware that I told you only what to be aware of in terms of what needs to be fixed. I will address the how over on the podcast. See you on the next episode.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank

Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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