#3 Everything Counts

“Everything Counts” will be among your absolute best tools for maintaining your radiant good health.

Fifty great ideas for improving your health. It’s the little things that count!


In this episode of Health Matters Podcast, as your Health Coach, I will help you make some significant discoveries about your daily habits. Learn why it does not serve you to discount the little things you do. Your energy and vitality are the result of small choices throughout your day. Baby steps plus consistency yield astonishing results.

I will emphasize the role of discipline regarding your health. Mastering your health requires self-discipline. I prepared for you a list of 18 simple activities that you can incorporate into your busy day. (Don’t worry – they are all listed and more in the download I prepared for you.)

Bringing yourself to actually take action based on these suggestions will make a world of difference.  I recommend that you practice healthy habits like you would practice the violin, or practice your golf swing. Listen in to see how.

For all of you craving to feel so much better, I’ll show you why your mindset is a crucial ingredient in achieving this goal. So is planning ahead, and I’ll help you figure this out. Learn what MITRD is and how you can incorporate this into your strategy to become more alive.

And last, practice makes improvement. I’ll walk you through this so you can grab hold for yourself.

For this show’s download, I prepared a list of 50 great ideas (including the 18 from the podcast) that might inspire some “baby steps” for you.

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I’m excited for you to continue your journey to vibrant, optimal health.

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