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Put Your Fork Down
(Eat Less, Enjoy More)

True story: One of my clients believes that learning how to put his fork down during his meals contributed to his releasing 14 pounds of unwanted weight. I want to encourage you to begin this practice this week, and consider taking this one forward as one of your layered practices.

The purpose of putting your utensils down while eating is to help you to slow down. What happens when you slow down

  • You can savor each bite. You can taste your food more. This is completely counter-intuitive. You might think that the more sublime your food tastes, the more you would want to eat. Right? Well, the opposite is actually true. The more intense pleasure you get with each bite that you are fully experiencing, the more your fulfillment level per bite goes up. With practice, you will discover that you need less volume and still get a higher level of satisfaction.
  • You have time to connect with the people with whom you are eating, or with yourself if you are eating alone. (More about social meal sharing later in week #12.)
  • You will feel more relaxed. Although this entails some very interesting biochemistry, suffice to say that when you are more relaxed, the entire process of eating, digesting, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating waste is improved. (For you biology and science geeks, this happens by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system which supports and enhances the function of?these processes. The sympathetic nervous system gets fired up during stress — including stressed-out eating — and does not support your food getting from one end to the other with all the necessary actions occurring along the way.)
  • You can center yourself and quell any emotional turbulence when you put your fork down and relax your body. Read more here.
  • You will be in much better shape to feel your level fullness and know when to stop before it is too late.

I think that eating delicious and nutritious food can be among the most sensual experiences there is. To experience subtle flavors, to distinguish among textures, to feel temperatures against your mouth and tongue all add up to more enjoyment and far less?risk of pigging out. You have already been led to stop before you are stuffed. Putting your fork down compliments this beautifully and you will learn to appreciate the benefits of honoring your body in this way.

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