Dr. Debra Shapiro and Rosie Bank in front of Sanctuary vegan restaurant, Berkeley, CA

My friend, colleague, and inspiration — Dr. Debra Shapiro — is a great guest on the Health Matters podcast again. You can see how engaging she is and how knowledgeable she is on a variety of topics. Dr. Debra is a Plant Based Physician and Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator

Wherever you are on your journey to become healthier, you will always learn something from Dr. Debra.

Health Matters Podcast Episode 25 – Dr. Debra Shapiro from Rosie Bank on Vimeo.

She and I are both practitioners of a whole foods plant based lifestyle. Dr. Debra and I support our clients whether they are vegans or not. We share a belief that even for those who are not ready to commit to a vegan diet, there is so much you can learn and benefit from even if only some of your meals are free of animal products.

Dr. Debra and I believe that your food choices are part of an evolution, which includes taking better and better care of yourself in general. What you eat is a big part of this overall picture.

Here are some links to find Dr. Debra online. Learn about Dr. Debra

Thanks for visiting Health Matters Coaching. All roads lead to your enjoying greater health, vitality, peace, and confidence. Falling in love with food that is good for you is a transformational journey of a lifetime.

Rosie Bank

Founder Health Matters Coaching