​What is your vision for your health and for your body?

Welcome to Part One in our "Don't Catch What Your Parents Had" series. We hope and believe that you will find something useful. ​​See transcript below.

After going through this series, you will be more likely to take my suggestion to ​make good choices! 

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Yay for finding me. I’m Rosie Bank.

In the next five videos I will be walking you through a topic that I know many of us can relate to.

Regarding our parents’ and grandparents’ health - do you ever wonder if you are going to catch what the previous generations had?

I will help you get to know me, about Health Matters Coaching, and about my own family health history. It is not a pretty picture, which many of you can relate to. This is why I have dug into this topic: Don’t Catch What Your Parents Had.

One of the things that I see in my clients and people I meet online and in my groups is a common recurring theme. For people who are, say, 55 and older, they fall into two categories. I’ll describe this theme and these categories by introducing you to Jasper and Daisy.

My client Jasper’s whole philosophy about his health is to move toward the fitness and energy level that he really wants. He has a vision for his body, his health, his athleticism, and how he looks. Jasper is constantly looking forward, always finding ways that he can move toward this ideal vision for his body and that’s great. I love working with the Jaspers of the world. Jasper is in the first category.

And you know what? There​ are the Daisies of the world. Daisy is in category two.

Now let me tell you about Daisy.

Daisy has no vision for her life or her body. She knows what she does not want, but not so clear on what she desires in the health/body/vitality arena.

She is constantly moving away from the things that scare her and she doesn’t want to catch the things that her parents had. Daisy is always looking in her rearview mirror, as if her parents’ health is sneaking up behind her.

She doesn’t want the type II diabetes that her dad has.

She’s feverishly working out on the spin cycle to not have the heart attack that her grandma had.

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Transcript (continued)

She’s feverishly making sure that she eats really clean ​even though she hates the cabbage diet. She doesn’t want to get cancer like her ​Aunt Nettie had.

What I’ve realized is there’s this devastating trend. In psychological studies, it was revealed that the energy and joy of moving toward a goal was more effective and sustainable than the fear of trying to out chase something that you don’t want.

Perhaps you have heard of the carrot and the stick. Sound familiar? When you take care of yourself because you are enthusiastic about achieving your goals – the carrot – you will get better results than if you are focused on avoiding something undesirable – the stick.

​I want to ask you at this point: are you a Jasper or are you a Daisy?

And if you’re a Jasper, then I celebrate and congratulate you. Just go to www.RosieBank.com  because I have a lot of great resources that can help you get closer to your vision. If you want a coach to help ensure that you are on track with your fantastic goals, please let me know.

​But I really want to talk to the Daisies of today.

Daisy, if you’re sitting out there, I want to share with you a few things that you could be thinking about.

You do not have to inherit what your parents had. Through lifestyle adjustments and making different choices than those of your parents and grandparents, you can enjoy a different outcome.

By the way, the article that supports these videos can be found at www.RosieBank.com/genetics

What’s up next on this series is about your genetics.

Are you destined to have your body suffer the same way that your dad did, because half your genes are from him? Just because so many members of your family suffered from obesity and diabetes, does this mean that you are doomed by your genetics?  Spoiler alert: No, you are not doomed.

I think you will get some relief when I walk you through three key habits that can empower you to create a whole new set of outcomes. Breaking free from your genetic pre-disposition can make a huge difference. I will share some tips with you that you can use right away.

Stay tuned and I’ll see you next time.